sore muscles


im suffering with pulled or sore muscles at the moment, i don’t every remember hurting them, or doing something to pull them but ive hurt/or is hurting the muscle in my calf, the pain when walking is un real, then ive a muscle in the top of my arm, again, no know reason for this,

oh yes and the left ankle is now kicking in. do you think its just my best friend (MrSmith) reminding me that he is always there with me or am i just falling to bits

i have an appointment with my MS nurse at the end of the month but two weeks i have been suffering and walking like i’ve run a marathon

thanks all


could this be musculoskeletal pain associated with ms?

The ms society has a publication ‘pain and sensory symptoms’. its ms essentials no.17.

It has some good info on different types of pain.

Hope it goes soon.

Teresa. x

Hello Readie,

Sounds like MrSmith, I think he will be a life long friend. There are drugs available that will reduce symptoms.

I wake up in the mornig and struggle to move , do some stretches and slowly things improve aw the day wears on and I don’t get too fatigued.


I agree with the others: my muscles were sore before I was diagnosed, and have got sorer since.

I think it goes with the territory. Sorry.

If it’s due to spasticity (excessive muscle tightness) then muscle-relaxants like Baclofen may help.


Hi D,

Me too - very sore left arm for a couple of weeks - couldn’t lift anything, sleep on left side. Did lots of

massage which didn’t seem to help - eventually it just went away.

Just when we thought we’d got the measure of MS it does something to suprise us!!

I am on Baclofen for legs and think I read that I shouldn’t take neurofen - so paracetamol is

strongest I take.

Keep well, Jen x

Hello Jen,

I take Baclofen and Gabapentin as daily symptom relief,

Sometimes body aches real bad, physically its a bigger effort to move around than normal, I find that a couple of Paracetamol or Ibuprofen do the trick.

The bugger is that MS is different for everyone. Each of us find a way to negotiate the problems and a way to make life easier.