Possible symptom? How do I know

Hi All

Very quick one. I have been experiencing a throbbing pain in my thigh muscle. It’s like the muscle is just gripping and then letting go - constantly. Really quite painful but not unbearably so. I can still walk on it, etc. Is this just an MS niggle do you think?


I get a tightening in my hamstrings which makes it painful to walk sometimes. It throbs too, since my diagnosis I blame it on MS. Before my diagnosis I thought I had a re-occuring pulled/torn hamstring as it causes me to walk with a limp.

Have you been diagnosed with MS?

I was diagnosed in 2009. RRMS - I am perfectly fine for the most part (very lucky) I try to run quite a bit, but havent been this week so this pain is quite puzzling. I will try to go for a run later to see if it hurts more or less then. Hopefully narrow the cause down, but the throbbing pain is really quite bizarre - Its like somebody is squeezing the top of my thigh and then letting go.

Awww, running! I had just started training for a 10 mile race when I got my first debilitating MS symptoms. I’ve not run (properly) for 3 years now. Can manage about 50 yards before I start looking like an injured giraffe whose drunk too much. I’m grateful for those 50 yards though :).

I only received my dx 2 months ago, so I’m no expert by any stretch of the imagination.

I couldn’t work out how I had injured my hamstring, I also experienced muscle spasms, strange stinging sensations and random twitching in my legs at the time. I can confidently say that my leg pain/sensations were and are MS related and not due to an injury.

May be worth mentioning it to your MS nurse if it continues to be a problem :slight_smile: