Tight muscles

Hi all! Just wanted to ask your experiences of tight muscles with MS as I’ve had a few painful episodes of this but am unsure whether it fits the way tight muscles would be likely to present with MS, don’t want to mention it to neurologist if it’s clearly just me being unfit! Does it tend to be related to activity? So would it be worse the day after you had walked fast for example or would there be no connection? And how long do episodes of tight muscles generally last with MS? I’ve had a few occasions where the day after gardening or rushing for the bus or skmething that is relatively active but not something that is particularly hardcore for me (ie it’s no 30 day shred! It’s the kind of activity I’m used to) my muscles in my calf and/or hamstring become very tight, when the calf muscles were tight I was finding it hard to put my toes down first as I came down stairs etx, I was having to plant my foot flat as to walk down properly pulled the muscle too tight and was agony. The three episodes I’ve had lasted about a week which was the other reason it caught my attention, as although it’s similar to the feeling I’ve had in the past from working out too hard, it seemed to last longer. Does that sound a familiar presentation of muscle stiffness that I should share with my neurologist or have i just publicly admitted to frightening new levels of unfitness to have had such an extreme post workout reaction to relatively mild activity, hahaha?! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Cc1,

I have had issues with my muscles I have no diagnosis of MS though. I think anything you think is unusual you should note in a diary / journal, as I have seen others suggest, to then allow you to tell your neuro your story

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As Toby said, you could write yourself a timeline of what has happened to you and when. That way, you can clarify in your own mind what symptoms you have mentally grouped together. It will also help you to explain to doctors what has happened to you.

Don’t worry about coming across as unfit, or as if you are conflating symptoms together that aren’t relevant. The neurologist will be able to tell from your verbal recounting of what’s happened to you as well as their physical examination whether there is a neurological problem and possibly what that might suggest. At that point, they’ll perhaps decide what further tests might be required for a diagnosis.

Best of luck. Let us know what happens.