muscle stiffness/cramp

Hi, I am having a relapse, have just finished steroids. But I have a new symptom. My thigh at the back is tight, stiff, and I wondered if anyone has any tips on combatting this?

Sounds like tight hamstring to me and would probably benefit from a few gentle stretches.

If it’s relatively mild, it may respond to physiotherapy - which, as Whammel suggests, will probably consist of stretching exercises.

However, if it’s a stubborn case, and exercise alone doesn’t ease things, you may need to be on a prescription muscle relaxant, such as baclofen.

Ask your GP or MS nurse. If, like many people with MS, you’re already on baclofen, it may be that the dose needs tweaking, to address the increased stiffness.


Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well! Just another (probably) stupid question, I think I must be having the start of another relapse, although thankfully quite mild exept I have L.hermittes and really bad pain in my left leg around my achilles tendon all up the back of my calf. It feels like I have pulled it but I have done nothing that would cause a pulled muscle. It hurts to walk and feels really stiff. Could this be MS or something else? Thanks xx

Sorry Helen, didn’t mean to ask this on your thread…Xxx

Hi Amanda,

Wasn’t sure whether to answer in Helen’s thread, either, or whether you plan to re-post somewhere else.

Hopefully, Helen won’t mind.

Anyway, just wanted to say that tight calves are a “normal” (as in permanent) part of MS for me, and a very common symptom of MS generally.

It’s OK that you asked in Helen’s thread, as the answer is pretty much the same. Physiotherapy and/or prescription muscle-relaxants may help.