Tight muscles but not flexed?

Hey guys,

I was dx earlier this year so pretty new to this… I have this weird symptom that my neuro didn’t think was MS related but I’m pretty sure it is… Just curious if any of you have had something similiar…!

So the symptom is tight muscles in certain areas of the body. For me its the left arm but also my lower back is affected. When I use my left arm it feels like my bicep and other parts of my arm are kinda cramping and feeling tight, but the muacles them selves are not flexed and feel exactly like my right arms muscles which are totally normal and symptom free. The pain is not like super low either, I’m literally frowning and lowkey squealing because of it and because of the tightness on my lower back standing and walking etc feel kinda uncomfortable. The symptoms worsen at night or if stressed.

Does this sound familiar? Have u had anything like this? Can this be MS related? I was sure they are gonna put me on the steroid treatment thing but they just sent me home!!

have you seen a neurological physiotherapist?

they can really help by showing you ways to stretch those problem muscles.

that kind of symptom is what i call mechanical as opposed to electrical (nerves).

electrical issues fit with ms but i have both.

see that physio asap.

all symptoms worsen with stress!

so avoid it at all costs.

i can’t tell you if your arm pain is ms related but if you have an ms nurse, give them a ring.

they can also refer you to a physio who understands ms.

carole x

Yeah I have not, but I will take ur advice and go see one! Thanks :slight_smile:

I go for Myofascial Release once a week. She gets everything back to normal - my tight muscles, my rolling hip, my drop foot - basically all my grumbles. She treats quite a few other people with MS and I’m genuinely a lot better off now. See if you can find someone in your area who does it… My lady is a wizard and I don’t know what I’d do without her. Your fascia is the web of connective tissue throughout your body and causes muscle tightness and a raft of other problems if it gets tight. It’s super interesting when you start learning about it.