Ladies help please

Hello everyone, I need to ask this as its happened twice now. After a night with my boyfriend I have woke up and every muscle from the waist down hurts like mad. Does anyone know why this would happen? I feel like I’ve ran a marathon And some! Suggestions please and sorry for going anon x

All i can say is that I think its due to extreme muscle weakness, if you think about it…walking up and down the stairs can take it out of you so I think our bodies really do think that we have run a marathon. How many muscles contract to create an orgasm? I’m sure someone has more knowledge than me so its probably a lot lol.

Personally I think this is preferable to having loss of sensation…but that happens too.

Well done for starting the thread, I am interested in seeing the responses.

Yes I can feel like I have been run over, ache from my hips down to my feet…No dx as yet, still get all the symptoms of MS, but dont really know what is going on.


Thanks but another thing is when my legs are at rest I have mild tingling too! I feel like my legs are not my own. Aarrgghhhhh

Yes I know how you feel, most days I ache even when I am resting. I find nothing takes the pain away. Not dx either.

Jan x

Hello Anon,

This is difficult to answer as we all react differently. No two people are the same, you have obviously used alot of energy and your muscles have found it hard to keep up with you. I know I’m assuming you didn’t just sleep but anyone who has ms can wake up with their legs feeling very painful and heavy. Mine do every day. It can be a sign of ms or it could be anything and only your neuro can tell you what it is. Hope this helps in some small way.



You don’t say if you are diagnosed or not but if you do have MS it does sound like a classic case of MS Overdone it itis. A common thing in MS when we over do it and pay the price. It can be caused by muscle fibre fatigue caused by the nerve fibres getting weird messages and so over reacting and yep, feling as if they have run a marathon.

In time MSers learn to pace themselves and accept that sometimes the activity is worth the payback :wink: So sometimes we do things knowing that the next day we will suffer for it… And other times the pay back is not worth it for the activity in question.

The main thing to remember and to be reassured by is that although you may feel rotten, you are not doing yourself any lasting harm and the increased pain and discomfort will settle as you rest and recover. There is no need to avoid, erhum, exercise(!) just be aware that you may pay for it afterwards.

All the best,


The problem with posting as anon and only asking a question is that we don’t have any context so it’s very hard to give advice and, if we do, we may end up typing out loads of stuff that’s not relevant.

For what it’s worth…

Muscle fatigue is very common in MS, but it also happens in loads of other things. Tingling legs is also very common in MS, but also happens in loads of other things (I’m assuming the second anon comment was also you?).

If you haven’t seen your GP, then that’s where you need to start. You might have something simple like a vitamin deficiency which would be really quite easy to fix. If these are your only symptoms, then I would think that MS is very very unlikely.

Karen x