Weird random pains. MS?

So I walk with a crutch because my left leg has shooting pains especially when I weightbar and my muscles also seize up. This evening a horrible pain started behind my knee and I’ve been shouting out in pain. It’s like someone is tearing my muscle. Any advise? Is it even MS? Has anyone else experienced this??

hi berenice

i was diagnosed rrms 10 years ago.

symptoms mainly on my right side.

i hobble short distances with a stick.

recently i feel that my right knee is going to give way.

fortunately i have a knee brace that i bought about 12 years ago when i did a strong exercise class.

i dug it out and today i’m going to give it a try,

it was bought from J D Sports,

other than that i’d say to see your gp to check that it isn’t a mechanical issue rather than electrical (ms).

maybe physiotherapy could help,

carole x

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