Pseudo relapse?

I think I am experiencing a pseudo relapse. I am on antibiotics for an ear infection/inflammation. Some old, but most new symptoms have flared up and they have really knocked me for six! Now I am on the last day of antibiotics so do I just sit this out and let it clear up itself? I have rang the MS nurse as I thought I was having a relapse (this would be the first one since dx in oct) and she said to let it pass, but if I was really suffering or symptoms got worse to get a dose of steroids. I would like to ask you guys for your own personal advice on these pseudo relapses as I really don’t wanna be house bound over chrimbo :frowning: Ash :slight_smile: x

I had what I thought was a relapse a couple of weeks ago, my MS Nurse said that if it is sensory symptoms (itching or pins and needles) then it is unlikely to be a relapse. She prescribed me some Pregabalin which I could wean off when I wanted to. It is most likely that yours is linked to your infection so rest up and hopefully you’ll be fine for Chrimbo x

Thanks for your reply rufus. I don’t think mine is sensory as I have pins and needles constantly that I’m taking gabapentin for. I am weak on the left side of my body, no strength in my arm it feels like a dead weight and I have a weak grip also my legs are like they don’t belong to me very wobbly and left leg kicking out when walking. These are all new symptons, could this still be a pseudo relapse? Fingers crossed they will disappear once the infection completely clears. Ash x

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