Are new symptoms possible with a psuedo relapse?

I seem to be in the wars at the moment.

So just over 2 weeks ago I was feeling very fatigued and the heavy limb sensation and pain. 4 days later came down with chest infec and throat thing so I thought pseudo flare up of course and plodded along with the random pains and pins and needles that had resurfaced. I had a few days off sick end of last week and rested up the weekend and felt ok to go back to work.

Well I’m almost recovered aside from the husky voice. And now my pins and needles have increased they’re back in my fingers on the L which is all old. However, I now also have some pins and needles in my R foot and it feels numb and not quite right and my right arm also feel like the muscles tight and whenever I try to do something with that arm it doesn’t feel steady (It feels like jelly like as if it’s weak).

All my previous symptoms have aways been L sided bar pins and needles on R toe and a patch on my head on the R. So my question is -is this a relapse? I always thought pseudo-flare ups were a flare up of all symptoms not new.

Anyone any advice? It’s not terrrible I’m coping - just feeling like my arms like jelly and sticking to my flat shoes so I don’t wobble.



Don’t laugh but - Now my L butt cheek has joined in (this I had in my first episode last year) :frowning: Makes for uncomfy sitting - last time it was so bad I kept having to slouch and keep the pressure off that cheek!

I think you should give your ms nurse a ring Reemz, you might need some oral steroids. Othing about this seems funny, it’s literally a pain in the a&@e! I’m only saying that coz I’ve been there! Hope you feel better soon, Chis

I suppose new symptoms are possible in theory if the damage was already there but you hasn’t noticed them before because they were so mild, but I reckon that’s pushing it. The fact it’s a different side suggests new damage to me = relapse. Viruses can trigger them - that’s why MSers are best to have the flu jab etc. Karen x

Hi Chis

you’re completely right, it really isn’t pleasant. No diagnosis for me (1st neuro thought ?episode of spinal inflammation though scan showed non-specific brain lesions, waiting for second opinion).

On a positive even though I haven’t been assigned an MS nurse specifically my first neuro after pestering him with ‘what do I do when I have a flare up?’ said I can contact the MS nurses for advice. So I think maybe I’ll wait till monday and see what I feel like - if I’m no better or worse maybe see what they say as you said.

Thank you Chis - hope I feel better soon too.



Thanks Karen, I was hoping you’d reply :slight_smile: - you’re a fountain of knowledge… I think thats the saying?

That’s exactly what I thought about the symptoms on my right too, but didn’t want to jump to conclusions as I have been ill. Will wait till monday and see how the symptoms are and maybe as Chis suggested ring the MS nurses.

Hope they don’t tell me to see the neuro though. Can’t face that first damn neuro. I know he’s just going to pat on the back and send me away thinking I’m a hypochondriac.

Second opinion date is through for charring Cross (august 15th 2011) - it’s a general neuro but it’s a second opinion non- the less so won’t complain.

Thank you again Karen