Pressure in the head and muscle weakness?

Hi, I’m still trudging along, my appointment was confirmed as the 5 of August, so have to wait for that now. I appreciate those who replied to my last posts, I apologise I haven’t replied but I read them and have taken them into account. My physio did ring back and said he hasn’t got my insoles (I’ve been waiting since January for them) so we’ve put a self referral to a podiatrist hopefully it won’t take long. Anyway I told my physio what’s been going on, last Friday and he said he’d ring after the weekend, it’s Friday, and he hasn’t rung, so I’m going to take it he won’t help me. All I wanted was some stretches of massage for my leg so that it wouldn’t get stiffer. I didn’t expect him to stop what’s been going on, just to help me cope with the stiffness and pain. I think those who suggested this was some form of episode are correct, this past week just brushing my teeth makes my arms hurt, chewing makes my mouth ache, and now I have this big pressure in my head that I thought was triggered by possibly taking evening meds in the morning but I hadn’t, and now it’s just it feels very uncomfortable and moving my eyes hurts. I may have a UTI because I’m weeing blood so I don’t know if that’s linked to these symptoms. I feel like as I’m writing everything down it helps to get it out. I’m trying to be strong for my mum, but I feel like a hypochondriac, I wake up each morning and dread what the day will have for me, I’m very bad at accepting and all the ‘what will be, will be’ sort of thing! I’m just finding my head hard to get around all this, I come here hoping someone will offer advice because they understand. Some reassuring words or something that doesn’t make me feel like my body is failing me. Sorry I’m on a downer today, only had to walk twenty minutes and that was a struggle, I was able to walk three hours not many months ago! I know that may not sound much to some but it was to me and I was proud I could do that after so many years of not being up to it. I don’t know what I’m expecting, I think what I need is some empathy, I need somebody or some people who understand. Sorry for the ramble, take care!

Hi again,

You need to get the blood in the wee sorted out as a priority (over and above physio, insoles, or anything else), as you have rightly identified that it could be the sign of an infection, and that could explain everything!

Also it should never be ignored anyway, as there’s a small chance it could be something more serious. I don’t think, in this case, it is, as UTIs are common in people with MS or MS-like problems. But please don’t leave it, just in case. Plus, if it’s a straightforward infection, you could be treated and feeling better within a matter of days!

Some things you do have to accept, but other things you don’t. Infections can be treated.