Prescription Charges

Had a first when i went to collect my prescription of Gabapentin. I take 700mg at a time. I normally get a batch of 600’s and a batch of 100’s. Received both boxes as normal then got asked to pay twice, when i asked why they said one was capsules and the other was tablets.I then complained that my prescription was for Gabapentin how it was made up wasn’t my problem and refused to pay. Ended up with a Doctor coming out and confirming capsule/tablet is two payments. In the end they changed it to 2 boxes of tablets one 400 other 300. But just wanted to know if anybody else ever had this problem ?

I know if if it’s 2 ‘items’ then you, there’s 2 charges.

However, if you’ve got ppms then ask your GP if you could get your prescriptions for free… I can’t walk unaided now so asked my my GP, he was quite happy to fill out the form to say I have a permanent disability. I only pay for my LDN now as that’s private at the mo. Getting my flu jab tomorrow too :slight_smile:

Good luck

Sonia x

That seems a bit unfair. Luckily I get my prescriptions free. I get a full carrier bag every month and would be destitute if I had to pay for them.

If you get Income Support you can get it all free. Just tick the ‘On Income Support’ box on back of prescription.

If you are on any benefits at all you should put in an application for Income Support. The government sets a minimum amount of money that you should live on a week and you could well be under that minimum.

If you are getting a high level of DLA (on either mobility or care) you are considered ‘severely disabled’ (even though you might not consider yourself severely disabled) and therefore the ‘minimum amount’ is higher… which means you will be eligible for Income Support.

Not sure how clear I’ve made that… but I think a lot of people miss out on that benefit so it’s worth finding out if you can get it.

Pat x

Hi, many years ago, I bought a 4 month card for scripts…about £90 then…that was less than the cost of my meds.

Some time later, I got them free, as I ticked the cannot leave the house unaidedbox.

Now I am 61, I get them free `cos I am old (not!)


Oh Poll I forgot I get them free now because I’m so ancient!

Pat X

There are some good bits about being old codgers! But no, we are the Golden Girls and will definitely grow old VERY disgracefully.

2 of my carers are older than me, but on our days out we get our hair and nails done and keep up with fashions. We go to the flicks and oooh and ahhh over the dishy blokes on screen.

Our hubbies are 63, 65 and 70 and they defo are grumpy old men!!!


Prepaying for a whole year is only £104 now, I think I last paid, so if Poll paid £90 for just four months, she was well ripped-off. It’s not as dear as that. You have to do a small amount of maths to figure out whether it’s cheaper for you. I think I made a mistake this year, because I’ve actually reduced my meds, so it may have been cheaper to pay as I go. On the other hand, I may have had to repeatedly go to the chemist to pay, which defeats the object of having home delivery, so it’s swings and roundabouts, really.