Help with NHS prescription charges

Has anyone ever claimed for help with precriptions? I’ve started to make a claim ( first time I’ve ever claimed anything in my life ) and received the form to do this and they want to know the ins and outs of a ducks doo dahs!! It’s just that now with the ms and this flippin asthma, I had to pay over £30 in px charges the other day and I know that I can go on the monthly pre pay scheme but something inside me just snapped and I thought, I’ve never asked for anything, why the heck can’t I get some help here. I was a bit embarrased as I could only pay for part of my meds at the time and have said to the dispenser that I will have to pay and collect the other half later next week. Has anyone ever actually received this kind of help and do you get part payment or full payment help ?

Hi fudgey I don’t know if it helps but my GP supported me in applying for an exemption certificate based on my level of disability which I was subsequently awarded. Xx

A continuing physical disability which means the person cannot go out without the help of another person. Temporary disabilities do not count even if they last for several months. Your gp may support youifyo fit into this category, this is how many with ms qualify.

Hi Fudgey37, I have an exemption certificate which was signed by my doctor because I am unable to go out without the help of another person. You just have to get a form from your surgery and fill in your name and address, your doctor will sign it, my surgery even posted mine off to wherever it had to go and I received my exemption card three days later. Hope this helps. Anne x.

Hi, as someone else has said, if you cant go out alone and need someone with you, then you can claim exemption from payment on that criteria.

But if you are wanting help or exemption from payment for dentistry and glasses, then you have to show your income etc.

we have claimed for a few years and at first we had to pay part of the costs, then we got the full amount paid.

Good luck with your claim.

luv Pollx

For years l never had to pay for my prescriptions - l got a form from the doctors receptionist and with the GP’s help filled it in and l straightaway got exemption - nothing to do with my finances. And l was still able to walk into the surgery. Now l am over 60 so l am exempt anyway.

You have a progressive illness - so get the form and ask your gp’s help and send it off.