Free Prescriptions ???

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I was wondering if anyone knows if we can get free prescriptions and if so how do you go about it ?

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Dave :slight_smile:

Hi Dave, I get free prescriptions as I don’t go out alone. I need someone to push my wheelchair. My GP sorted this out for me. You need a a valid medical exemption certificate or medex and can find them at your GP’s surgeries.

Yoy can also clain free prescriptions if you are claiming certain benefits. Here is some info about prescriptions help.

Jacqui x

you will get your ms meds for free mine get delivered to me at home. For evry thing else the genral rule is you work you pay you dont work you dont pay but there are some exeptions to that rule but you would have to speak to your GP to see if they can do it for you. But i wouldnt get my hopes up.

MS is not one of the conditions that automatically gets free prescriptions. The only criterion that MSers can use to apply for an exemption certificate is that they can’t get to the pharmacy on their own, i.e. need a carer with them. This rules most of us out :frowning:

I get a prescription prepaid certificate. It’s £104 for 12 months and covers all your prescriptions, no matter how many. If you get more than 14 prescriptions a year, it saves you money. I get 6 a month. It saves me a small fortune! If you google it, you can pay on-line.

DMDs (disease modifying drugs) are free of charge. That’s something at least…

Karen x

Hi I claim my exemption from charges by fitting the last criteria on the cant leave the house alone`.
luv POllx

Gosh, it’s not something I think about… Living in Wales means free prescriptions for everyone… Must be very expensive… Sounds like it should be sorted out, but I am taking note for some other friends who live over the border x

jobryz wrote:
Gosh, it's not something I think about... Living in Wales means free prescriptions for everyone... Must be very expensive.... Sounds like it should be sorted out, but I am taking note for some other friends who live over the border x

thats just one of the many joys we have living in England. And at £7.50 per script it can get very expensive

Just a thought…
If you get your ‘thyroid function’ tested and it is low or high you can get free prescription on ALL the drugs you’re prescribed
Ask your GP for a test.


Thanks everyone i have an appointment with my doctor this week so i think i will have a word see what she thinks nothing lost nothing gained no harm in trying lol

Dave :slight_smile: