Hi, I hope everyone had a good Christmas!!. Can anyone tell me pls, if we have a dx of ms (I’m rrms) do we get any concessions on prescriptions? I pre pay mine as take levothyroxine and a couple of other things. Just wondering? Thank you Sue x

Hello Orchid,

I’m RRMS aswel and I thought the same thing - and no we dont. If you are taking MS Treatment, this is free and you can also get a free flu jab but prescripions you still pay for as normal. MS doesnt count as one of the diseases that require free prescriptons… which personally i dont understand.

Hope this helps?

Zazzy x

If you are taking levothyroxine you must have a thyroid condition? I have an underactive thyroid and take levothyroxine and this is classed as one of the conditions that makes you eligible for free prescriptions. Ask your gp to sign the form, I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem when I was 9 years old so have never had to pay for any prescriptions in my life! Hope this helps

There is someone on the boards who does get their prescriptions free…can’t remember who though…surprise surprise lol

I’ve been told I’m primary progressive, so I plan to get the form my gp practice and ask my doc if she will agree to sign it. You don’t ask…you don’t get

Hi Sue

I take levothyroxine too for an underactive thyroid condition. There’s little logic as to which chronic conditions are eligible for free prescriptions but, as 2leftfeet says, a thyroid condition definitely does qualify so you should get your exemption certificate sorted asap. Any meds you take for your MS will then be covered also of course. Shame your GP didn’t mention the exemption isn’t it.

For others, MS doesn’t automatically give exemption from prescription charges but as I understand it you can be exempted in certain circumstances if your doctor signs a form to confirm your disability.


Yeah folks are right if you take thyroxine you get free prescriptions. Ask GP to complete form - shouldn’t charge . Doesn’t make sense tho Hugs Min xx


You should be exempt in any case as you take a thyroid med. Just ask for an exemption form at your GP reception.

Get the GP to help sign it.

NOW - MS is a progressive disease - and because of this my GP signed my exemption form - this is about 25yrs ago. Now l am exempt anyway because l am over 60. But if you don’t ask - you will not get!!!

We have had posts from young people with ms - on here - who were not able to afford their meds. Which is a ridiculous situation. Stand your ground. l did and it worked.

I had a Medical Exemption Certificate, my doctor signed it for me and I got my prescriptions free until I retired. On the list below, I was able to get it through:

  • a continuing physical disability which means you cannot go out without the help of another person; or

These are the other conditions to get exempton:

  • a permanent fistula (for example, caecostomy, colostomy, laryngos-tomy or ileostomy) which needs continuous surgical dressing or an appliance;
  • a form of hypoadrenalism (for example, Addison’s Disease) for which specific substitution therapy is essential;
  • diabetes insipidus and other forms of hypopituitarism;
  • diabetes mellitus, except where treatment is by diet alone;
  • hypoparathyroidism;
  • myasthenia gravis;
  • myxoedema (that is, hypothyroidism which needs thyroid hormone replacement);
  • epilepsy which needs continuous anticonvulsive therapy;
  • a continuing physical disability which means you cannot go out without the help of another person; or
  • cancer and are undergoing treatment for:
    • cancer;
    • the effects of cancer; or,
    • the effects of cancer treatment.

I just asked my doctor and she was more than happy to sign the form.

You just have to ask I suppose they can only say no or yes. Hopefully Yes.

Hi all and many thx for all of your replies? I had to see the gp today as this cold/cough virus that everyone seems to have is still hanging on me after nearly four weeks (don’t normally get them). He told me I was entitled to free prescriptions now because of the levothyroxine (diff gp to mine) and went and got the form and signed it, free of charge, there and then, also backdated it for all my prescriptions from June!!! Merry Christmas from the NHS. A very happy and healthy new year to everyone, Love sue x

IF you read my post you can apply for an exemption certificate even with MS.

i have regular shaking in my left arm and leg, does anyone know if this falls under the band as a seizure as i have looked on the internet and it says it does but i wanted to know if anyone has the same problem and gets free prescriptions for this, I have not been to see the doctor about it as yet but my ms nurse knows about it but has started to get worse since i last had a visit to her, Thanks for any help.

A diagnosis of MS - does entitle you to a exemption certificate. Ask your GP for the form and get them to sign it - MS is a progressive disease. l never paid for my prescriptions - and nothing to do with not being able to walk into the surgery either as back then l could. l am talking about 25yrs ago or more. Now l am over 60 - so exempt anyway.

Stand up for yourselves everyone - Get the form from your GP reception - lf you don’t ask - you won’t get. They never offer you anything - you have to do it for yourself.

lts good to see some of you have decent GP’s who are willing to help.

Gosh I didn’t realise you still paid for prescriptions, they have been free in Scotland for several years now.

Do you have to pay for DMDs as well?