Prescription charge exemption FP92


Does anybody know if you have to reapply for this when it expires, or do they send you a reminder?



Slightly off subject but how do you apply in the first place? I’ve just been diagnosed and trying to get everything in order. Thanks!

Is that the one where you pay a fixed amount in the year and anthing above that is not charged? If so, I seem to remember it is automatically renewed if you pay it by direct debit if you opt for that when applying.

If it is the free prescriptions for a chronic disease one, I think it continues indefinitely as a chronic disease is not expected to just go away.

The medical exemption certificate is for 3 years, and you get a letter and form to fill in before it expires.

I’ve had one for years! I have epilepsy and diabetes, both of which qualify me for medical expemption. It’s saved me a whole lot of money for the meds for those conditions alone! My MS hasn’t cost me much, especially as I was diagnosed after I was SPMS already.

Contrary to what mrbobown has said, having a chronic disease doesn’t qualify you automatically, and doesn’t mean you’ll be entitled to free prescriptions for ever. For example, if I decide to stop taking the epilepsy meds I will lose my entitlement to free prescriptions. Also, if I stop needing medication to control my diabetes I will lose my entitlement. Just having the diagnosis doesn’t mean you’re entitled to free prescriptions. It’s the need to take the medications, and for epilepsy actually taking them that entitles you. I don’t know about other conditions.

As far as reapplying goes, keep an eye on the post and if you don’t hear anything a month before the expriy date give them a ring. But the form usually just turns up in the post.

Thyroid and certain cancers are also exempt, poss also heart.disease - sadly MS is not! Don’t know why these conditions are exempt and others not, possibly as there’s a risk of you keeling over if you don’t get your insulin for example

l applied - and was granted a exemption card for my ms years ago. l asked my GP - she filled in the form and it was accepted. MS is a progressive condition. l know - for some reason - it is not on ‘the list’ like diabetes/thyroid/epilepsy - but if you don’t ask you won’t get it. lt had nothing to do with my mobility as l could still walk into the GP’s surgery/pharmacy.

l can’t remember ever having to renew it - in fact l just ticked the exemption box on the script and was never asked for proof of having the card. Now l am over 60 - and it does not now apply.


Hi all l got my exemption card and l only have ms the dr filled the form in for me as l have trouble getting to the shops to pick up my meds. keep asking we need the meds as any one does that gets it free

Regards Jan

No, you have to re-apply every year. You should ask for forms a good few weeks before the current one runs out.

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Me again, think I may have got the time wrong…but you do need to re-apply yourself…at least I do.


I had a prepayment cards for meds. I think it cost around £105 for the year -saved me a fortune. But as I am on thyroxine I can get meds for free. Asked my local pharmacist whether I would need a letter from my gp. Nice man said don’t worry we know you should get them for free without a letter. Min xx

I have an exemption card, which my Dr filled in because I cannot get out of the house on my own…issued in 2011 and expires in 2016…so 5 years

OH has heart problems…suffered a stroke and a heart attack but he has to pay for his prescriptions, so he has the prepayment card as he is on a few different tablets a day


Me again…just realised that I have got 2 things mixed up.

my exemption from prescription charges does last longer than a year and no, I didnt have to re-apply. I qualify under the unable to leave home unaided` category.

The other exemption I am thinking of, is form HC1. This gives me and hubby exemption from having to pay for dentistry and we only pay a small amount towards specs. This is the thing we have to re-apply for annually.

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