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Does anyone know if you can get a medical exemption from prescription charges and if so how do you get it?

I have looked at the NHS website and it doesn’t include MS. This being ill malarkey is getting to be quite expensive!


Hi Ruth, you can claim prescription exemption if you meet certain criteria with MS if your doctor is prepared to sign the form. My GP signed my form on the grounds that I couldn’t go out on my own without somebody accompanying me. I have SPMS and have virtually no mobility so confined to my wheelchair 95 per cent of the time. I also have gripping and bladder problems. The card came through really quickly and is valid for 5 years. Hope this helps and good luck. Anne x


My GP sorted it out for me. Speak to yours and see what they say.

I was recently prescribed Copaxone by the hospital, not sure how much this would cost but its free to me.

you can get a form from your gp or from the perscription services .your gp will have to fill it in saying that you have a critical illness and you will always need medication.send the form into the perscription services and you should be eligible for free perscriptions.i,ve had free perscriptions for the past 3 years saved me an absolute get to your gp and get that form if they havn,t got one ring the perscription services and they will send you one.

Great thanks for the info they don’t tell you about these things!

My GP agreed to it, as it’s highly likely I have PPMS - he ticked the box that said I had a ‘permanent disability’. They have a standard for, to complete but I was a bit on the tearful side that day so I didn’t read all the options to be honest. I’d definitely ask your GP though.

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Move to Scotland :wink:

this form you get is it income related or simply because you need meds, as I was under the impression you could not get any exemption just the pre paid one that you pay £10.50 a month or something like that. If we can get it free that would be a bonus, you dont get many with MS thats for sure

this form is not income related you just need your doctor to confirm you have a long term critical illness and need loads of meds.

It’s not as simple as having a critical illness. The official wording is :

  • have a continuing physical disability that prevents you from going out without help from another person

My GP signed mine for me as at the time I couldn’t drive safely and therefore needed help from another person. I’ve now got hand controls and can get out by myself. The paper work says it doesn’t matter if there’s a change in health/circumstances;you can still use it until it expires.

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Ms actually doesn’t qualify for a medical prescription exemption - my gp said that I wouldn’t qualify even though I have ms and lupus neither of them come under the list for medical prescription exemption. The only thin I can do is the pre paid prescription which saves money but still need to pay. You would only qualify for ms prescription exemption if you need constant care and are unable to do things on your own. Found out from the gp this morning as my prescriptions are getting very expensive with the ms and the lupus drugs each month!!!

I pre pay £10.50 per month - it’s a bargain.

worth asking about a form to fill in though.


For years - l never paid for my prescriptions. l asked my GP about it - she said as MS is a progressive disease it should be covered in the exemption certificate. She filled it in and signed it - and that was that. Nothing to do whether l could walk into the surgery - or means tested as l could get there under my own steam - and at the time my OH was still working. Now l am over 60 - so l am exempt still.

l have repeated this many times over the years on this site. You just need to ask the receptionist for the exemption form and ask your GP or MS nurse to sign it. Do not be fobbed off!! lf people with thyroid problems can get exemption then why not MS.

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The form you need is fp29a, you can google that and you will find the full list of specified conditions. My GP signed mine at the same apt. that she filled in a DVLA form (not the first) telling them that I could no longer drive knowing that they would revoke my licence…which they did,.and that I would then be unable to get to the surgery unaided.