medication costs

Hi Just want to check if my best option in managing medication costs are with annual ticket which I priced at £104 per year today.

Current medication baclofen,naproxen and gabapentin

Are any options available,I currently work full time


That’s what I did, as well - the annual pre-pay, I mean.

I don’t think there’s any cheaper way of doing it, as an MS Dx doesn’t automatically qualify for exemption, and if you’re working full-time, you will struggle to prove you can’t leave the house unaccompanied, which I believe is the only other way of qualifying.

UNLESS you have another condition, e.g. diabetes, which already qualifies for free prescriptions? In that case, I believe you can get ALL your prescriptions for free, not just those related to the qualifying condition.

Check whether you have any work-related benefits or healthcare scheme. I recently discovered mine lets me claim back 50% of the cost of an NHS pre-pay card - or £52! I know it’s not going to be common to all employers. But it’s worth checking, 'cos just a “small print” benefit I noticed I had.


Prescriptions have just gone up to £7.60 per item - annual ticket is a bargain. Drs now only prescribe one month at a time.

I take four prescription medicines and had to have antibiotics the other day. Know the annual cost seems a lot

but they can take so much per month which makes it easier.

You could look at buying privately but it would be more hassle than just going to your local surgery.

Your three prescriptions would cost £273.40 if you paid for them and if you need additional ones that would be even more.

Get the annual pass - it’s worth it.

Jen xx

You can spread the cost of the pre payment certificate over 10 months so it becomes 10.40 / month

Hi, the cost of scripts is frightening.

I am exempt via the cant leave home alone` section.

I take 9 different meds a day, so the cost would be out of my reach.

I feel there is unfairness in the costings/who is exempt.

I will be 60 in October, so will be exempt then.

I use to buy pre-payment meds like many here.

Isn`t it expensive being poorly?luv Pollx