Hi! Has anyone had a baby on here after they have had a diagnosis?! I am not diagnosed (currently labelled as CIS) and myself and my partner are thinking wr would like to add to our family. Any advise would be great. Many thanks

Hi, I have been diagnosed nearly ten years. Was diagnosed at 24, had my son at 29. I was fine. Had some symptoms in pregnancy but nothing major. Nearly died having my son however the m,s still behaved :slight_smile: I have deteriorated slightly last two years but I feel we are doing fine as a family and my lil boy brighten ups my days and makes me positive. Would this be your first? X

Hi,I had my son after 5 yrs after diagnosis ,got great support wit. Husband…I was bit scared before he born that I wouldn’t b any good as a mum…I have found in the last 4 year’s since he was born it was the best choice I ever made,he helps me see past my label and loves his mummy ms and all…I wouldnt have any more as my personal choice but I would say my son makes my ms easier to deal with…only u and ur husband know wits right for you but that my story in a nutshell I hope it help…xx ps I sailed through pregnency and never lookd back…natural steroids realesd during pregnancy helped my ms …for 9 months I never felt better…

I have never been pregnant most men find it difficult but I have had three kids our youngest was three when she Twenty-four now i love kids, I tell them I don’t but they make my life. Plus now grand sons.