Just diagnosisd have another baby?

Hello I’m 27 and I’ve just been dignoised with MS after a year of appointments and although I knew it was coming I’m still having a hard time getting my head around things. My nurse has mentioned a bit about treatment but said that some treatment will affect having another child. We have a 18 month old and always thought we would have one more but with my health now not being what it was I’m confused about what I think is best. I suppose I wanted to see if anyone had been in the same situation? I feel like if I’m going to be in worse health for my first it’s not the right thing to have a second but I can’t imainge saying to myself I’m definitely not having anymore. Any advice would be appreciated? Thanks guys

Hi, I have just been diagnosed after first experiencing symptoms 3 years ago (5 months after giving birth to my first baby). I was 13 weeks after giving birth to my second baby when the symptoms happened again but a lot more severe. 1 week after being numb from the waist down, I have been diagnosed with MS. I think the pregnancies put strain on our bodies which is why the relapses happened after each birth (along with hormones etc). It’s a difficult position to be in, but if it helps I would still have gone ahead with my second pregnancy knowing this would have been the outcome. No-one knows what the future will be with MS but that’s the same in life anyway. Try stay positive. The decision has to lie with you and your partner, your child will love you regardless (that’s coming from a person who’s mum had MS too)