Having children...

Hi everyone, just a general question really, if you either are waiting for a diagnosis or have been diagnosed, do you still intend of having a child or children?

Hi, diagnosed 10 years ago. Hope to start trying soon. MS hasn’t affected my decision, really, but I am still active and able to work, maybe if I wasn’t I would feel different, I don’t know. Maybe i would feel different if i had ppms, but i am still relapsing remitting. My only consideration vis a vis ms and children at the moment is that I am on DMDs, so need to think about that, about coming off before trying etc. I am also living 1000s of miles from my family, so limited support structure if I do get really sick with a young baby, but I don’t think that thinking about worst case scenario is a good thing to do when making this decision as it might never happen and then I will have given up on opportunity to have child for no good reason.

I got diagnosed with a clinically isolated episode in 2008 then had a baby in February 2011 and eventually diagnosed with RRMS in October 2011. At my final diagnosis I asked if the pregnancy/stress could have made me worse and was told it was unlikely I probably would have got the dx anyway. As I now have two children I am not going to have anymore but thats really to do with my age (39) rather than MS.

The only thing I noticed was when I had my first in 2006 I wasn’t as tired during pregnancy as I was in 2011 but this again could just be down to the type of pregnancy rather than MS as with pregnancy and MS everyone has different experiences.

As anon says above if on DDMs you would need to think about that but apart from that I personally could see no problems with having children, maybe someone has a different opinion. If you are concerned speak to the Dr or MS nurse (if you have one) I always find them very helpful.


I was diagnosed in December and plan on having at least one more child at some stage in the next 5 years all going well.

My symptoms are quite mild and if they stay that way I can’t see why I wouldn’t have more children. Of course, if they get worse that may change things.

The only circumstances I can think of that would make me think twice about having a baby is if I were badly disabled, single or had a very unsupportive partner, and had no family nearby to help me.

No one can know what MS will bring. Putting our lives on hold because of something that might happen at some time in the future is a recipe for an awful lot of "if only"s.

Here’s a recent reply from Stewart that might help:

Karen x

I was diagnosed 5 months after I gave birth to my first child, accidentally got pregnant again straight away and survived. I had a third child three and a half years later. I love all three and wouldn’t be without any of them. However, my MS became much worse when my youngest child was three years old. He’s had a very different experience of childhood from that of his siblings. Like I say, I wouldn’t be without him but sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing … Really really hard question because you never know where MS is going to go.