Having a bubba!!!

Thought I’d put this question out there to see if anyone’s been or is in the same situation. If you were thinking of having a family before you were diagnosed, how long did you leave it after the diagnosis to start trying for a family? Did you think I better do this soon encase things go downhill quickly, or were you patient and just carried on as you would have done ms or no ms? I’d like people’s opinions if possible as I haven’t long been diagnosed and feeling a bit panicky about it all. Thank you for any comments.

I’m not yet diagnosed. I had a baby 3 months ago and my troubles started a few weeks ago (although i had various symptoms prior to pregnancy which was put down to CFS and fibromyalgia) but i was so much better during pregnancy. I was better than i had been in about 3 years. I hear it is common for MS symptoms to improve whilst pregnant but that relapses are very common after the birth. however, everyone is different and nobody can predict how any one individual’s body or symptoms will be affected at any time. I’m sure there are people who have reacted in totally the opposite way to the “norm” both during and after pregnancy.

Hello, my daughter is now 2 1/2 but during pregnancy I felt the best I had done in years, no symptoms, no fatigue etc etc but everyone is different. I had MS before I fell pregnant but it was undiagnosed at that point, after birth the symptoms crept back slowly and I don’t think were any worse than they would have been had I not had a baby, but who knows. The decision to have children after diagnosis is made slightly more difficult as you may be eligible for DMD’s and therefore cannot be on these if you are trying to conceive. I suppose it depends on your age, your relationship, your financial situation.

Hi, we are in that position. For various reasons we are waiting a few months to start trying, so I guess it’ll be about 6 months after diagnosis. I have only ever had 2 “episodes” though (very widely spaced) and so I am not eligible for any drugs. I am just trying to carry on as before really, while trying to listen to my body more. Slowing down is difficult! I don’t think diagnosis will have altered our decision about when, but it does make you worry a bit more I guess.

Good luck xx