Pre diagnosis

Eyes back and forth many times brief for every few weeks a few minutes, not for a few months Difficulties with balance especially changing direction at least once every few days kind of stumbling Overshooting to reach for the kettle or the door etc thought this was due to losing weight, happened for a few hours/ days 3x in a year Vertigo i thiught was labyrinthitis two And a half years ago a few days/ week or 2 Stiffness coming out of the sea ----spacisity for half an hour Sometimes talking is difficult, slurring / spoonerisms. Sometimes swallowing is a bit difficult Mood swings rage/ tears once , recently, agitation bladder problems incomplete evacuation Sexual no interest unless ovulating Breathless while resting, 3x in a few weeks Fingers not always 100% in my control when typing sometimes Infrequent blurred vision Painful eyes dry eyes fairly frequent Twitching more and more common, sometimes a twitch every 30 secs for an hour or two Tension Telegraphic speech ( reverting to baby talk) This is like reading a list and saying yes yes yes - I have almost all the symptoms, not much pain, some tingling , some cognitive problems but perhaps no more than usual Help!!! I’ve got a neurology appt on the 15th Not sure what to expect Ill be phoning them to make sure I know if its just a chat This could all be something else But it seems to point to MS

Hello CloudDog

If I was you I would make a list of all this information you’ve mentioned, when you go to see neuro.

I put my list in body order, working from my head down…it seemed logical to me

Take someone with you if possible and make sure you request a copy of the follow up letter.

Hopefully others will write their advice/experience…my brain is getting tired lol…just wanted to bump your post

Take care xxx