Powerchair into a car

I have recently bought a powerchair and need a get it in the car solution.

There are a few problems (aren’t there always) My daughter is my carer so we need something that will also accommodate 2 young children. (Also Dad sometimes so we can have days out together)

I am looking for the cheapest motability option which I think will be a car/MPV and ramps. The only problem with this is how do I find out if the ramps will work?

We’ve checked out dimensions using the ricability website but  I don’t want to sign up unless I’m certain. I don’t know how helpful the car dealerships would be. Should I go ahead and buy some ramps I could get there with my powerchair in a taxi but will they let us try it out?

Any suggestions gratefully received.



Hi Jane

Oh definitely go to your local motability showroom and they will let you try it out before you make

any committment.

It's far better to be sure that you are completely happy before you make a decision.

Take care


Most cars restrict you to 5 seats if you need the space at the back for your power chair.

The Citreon Berlingo, Peugeot Partner and Renault Kangoo are all good sizes for carrying 5 plus powerchair. (Note Renault Kangoo new model is not being brought into UK for some reason).

We have just exchanged our Berlingo for a Vauxall Zafira (7 seats but only 5 with p'chair)

Do think of having a hoist fitted into the back rather than ramps it is so much more 'lady friendly' as to get chairs or scooters up ramps can be quite tricky, with a hoist it is all done electronically without any muscle power needed.

Happy hunting Ann