Powerchair advice please ?

I am having to face up to needing a chair or power buggy, anyone have any advice ref a good one for outdoor use…grass ets but also able to get in a car please ?

At the moment I am leaning towards a power chair rather than a scooter/buggy type but it is a big spend so want to get it right.

ALL thoughts appreciated :slight_smile:


Getting a powerchair in a car will be the limiting factor and the area that you need to think about/research.

Most power chairs are heavy – even the ones that break apart for transportation so you need to think about who will do the lifting. The other option is to use a winch or ramps to get the chair into the back of an estate or similar.

I looked at transportable chairs for a long time but in the end I went for a WAV car and a larger, studier wheelchair that would cope with outdoor conditions. I’ve got a Quickie Salsa now from wheelchair services and you would need to be Man Mountain to get it in a car without driving it!