So that's the end of that then

Hello there,and I hoped you enjoyed summer and are ready for Halloween.I went out on my Big Buggy today for the first time in three months 'cos I’ve been having a bit of a do,knackered with a capital F,weak as a poorly kitten,whimper whimper.I got a mile as planned and it was hard work and my left arm felt as if it had been given a dead leg and the hand still feels as if it is inside out.

The upshot is that my buggying days are over.I’ve bought a Shoprider Malaga powerchair and it is brill…BUT it only does 3.8 MPH,isn’t road legal, and being beholden to the vagueries of taxis and public transport is not my idea of the independance that those that don’t know anything about losing it keep banging on about.So I’m looking for a relatively old powerchair 'cos some of them were road legal, simple, robust, did 8MPH and were not overpriced like most of the 6MPH chairs now on the market.

So if you think you know of such a beast there are white fivers,dubloons and eternal gratitude waiting at the end of a PM.I really miss playing in the traffic and it was the only time I was ever distracted from the pain.Have you ever seen an armchair with a number plate and a truck horn?

Wb xx <(L)>


no i dont…but continue to love ur very articulate ways of description…

i get my bog standard powerchair from nhs very soon-i have to get a permit from bus company before i can be let loose…i dont want to go gallavanting round the streets like u-have only got 3 streets in the village! happy searching-u will find what u seek i am sure…

ellie x

Hi E,how are things at your end,so to speak? I’m guessing they’ll want you to park facing backwards on the bus,so you can’t see what the driver is about to hit.I’ve always suffered with motion sickness so I park facing forwards where the driver can’t see my happy smiling gob.If you have this sort of problem I’m sure you come up with an E-Type solution.

Will you be having your chair upholstered in the family tartan?

S xx

Hi Wobblyboy

Sorry you’ve had to give up the buggy, I’m heading the same way myself but as yet I haven’t purchased a powered wheelchair but know it’s the next option.

I hope you have some luck with your quest and hope it doesn’t stop you being able to get out.

Take care


Hey woblyboy,

What a bummer for you! Have no such chair but putting my thinking cap on there must be one of these old style powerchairs lurking around somewhere in someones garage etc. Thoughts to suggest (at the risk of telling grandma how to suck eggs!) - local newspaper wanted section, MS society branch newsletter? disabled ramblers forum have a wanted section - might be worth asking there? Age concern - local group? Red Cross wheelchair loan - I know they do manuals only but may advise where to look? Could you ask at local docs surgery? Maybe someone knows someone etc. Good luck with your search and can I just say what a star you are on here - you always cheer me up with your wry humour so thanks and keep on keeping on. Max xx


u r correct-i do have an e-type solution in place! i cant sit backwards-still got nausea when tavelling. so will need to park up and make 7/8 steps to seat facing the right way. it will be decorated with orange and i still have colins ‘l’ plates to use… am confident drivers will not crash and be kind to be-have been bribing them with cakes for months!

ellie x

Dear M,E and W thanks for your replies.M, there are some jolly good ideas there with a bit more humanity than me scanning the obituaries and scrutinizing the lists at the crematorium to see what gear has come available.I’m only joking,I’d rather go and eaves drop at the crem as I hate reading now.

W, BRAVO for not being Egyptian…In de Nile.May I humbly suggest that you test possible gear out well before when/if you might need it, then if the day arrives one less bit of stress to deal with.If you get your chosen weapon and learn how to use it,where it’ll live,have a drink of electric blah blah even less stress.Give me a shout if you’re perplexed, 'cos I’m getting better with this gear than I was with the petrol and diesel.

E, I like cake.That’s a tidy solution for your problem and I imagine the other clansmen will help you if need be. The simplest solution is usually the best.Don’t be hitting the sun beds or false tan 'cos you’d blend into the orangeness and that could be scary

S, xxx <(L)>

No Wb, you`ve got it wrong.

The sun and warmth is all going to Blackers, with me and my 2 Christines tomorrow. You can have it back on Monday afternoon.

luv Pollx


no sunbeds or fake tan for me…will try again for 25 sleeps at mums but this year i want to get out of the bed and come back tanned by the sun instead of right side not functioning and talking with a blooming annoying accent! (still struggling with both but my 5* hotel will cater for my every need-i love the food and laundry fairies there…

ellie x

E-type,that lol on your hols sounds marvello.If I post some laundry up can you get it done please? I’m going nowhere near annoying accent.I never did many ‘sitting around holidays’, but the plan was to come home fit and tanned, not fat and leathered.

P, I was being mean with the big yellow thing,but you’ll only be about 40 miles as the spear flies from me so we can share.

Oh,I’ve just been talking to Richard at MOBILITY GIANT which deals in quality used scooters etc and he’s sending me some photos of 8MPH power chairs on the morrow.I owe Laura P a huge thanks for the link 'cos I’m hopeful that they’ll have something that I can zoom around on annoying the traffic and maintaining an alarming high level of,“Nah, I’ll be out!”

S xx

Wow, uplifting comments are making me bite the bullet and go for my ‘road test’ Like the in de Nile comment… That’s where I’ave been last 10 months. Like the tartan upholstery ideals well, made me think; I was a Harley D pillion rider in my previous life so p’raps I should go for the bar and shield logo, black n orange colours and deck out in my old biking gear! Bev

Bev,mind your teeth but it’s got to be done.I never thought I’d be looking at 8MPH in an armchair with a number plate,but that’s the way the mop flops.What are you thinking of road testing? As of now there is a 10MPH, scooter yes, 10,(“But I never did more than 8 in over 3,000 miles your honour”) looking to move in with somebody who’s got a pair.A bit Sons of Anarchy I know but that’s the way it is.

The gear sounds cool and maybe it’ll get you on the front cover of the MS Matters magazine

Wb x

The scooter has got a new home and will be the source of much amusement to a lot of peeps.I was speaking to the engineer who has sorted out all my gear over the past six years about 8 MPH PCs and mentioned that the Big Buggy need’s re-housing…It then dawned on me that he is a Scout Master,so “Dib dib dib” and he owes me one.

No money changing hands,but we know each other well enough that I’ve got no worries apropos matters technical…GOOD.

Wb <{L}>

Here’s hoping that you’ve had a couple of hours weather that suited you and if not there’ll be something along soon.I’ve been scouring everywhere for a powerchair that will do for road use,to no avail, so for the first time I’m going to use Motability.I’m leaning towards an Invacare Alber Adventure which is about £50 a week but really is the Dogs.Hopefully there won’t be a long wait to get one and then I can start sticking velcro on it.

Strange thing though,this thread appears on Google and it’ll be updated with this bit,so if you want to say hello to yourself from Gooogle now is your chance.

Be lovely,

Wb x <[L]>

Greetings and let’s be hoping you’re better than expected and the weather is perfect for you.That’ll make for an interesting forecast,'cos we all like it a bit different,and the weather.

I’ll be getting my version of Independence back within a month.A company will be bringing me a Quickie Jive M powerchair to play with and I’ll be trying to break it,confuse the electronics and telling them what I need doing to it.It is a class III road legal 8MPH model so I’ll be having the registration plate fixed on the back,my truck horn plumbed in and a couple of other vital bits and pieces attended to.

Once I’ve got it I’ll be able to get on the road and go where I want to and not have to potter around here on my own powerchair.The pavements are in a far more neglected condition than the roads,are a dogs’ toilet(there may be a stray Grizzly Bear) and bear witness to the alcoholic excesses of the local gentry.

Cannot wait for their call,but I’ll have to,and I must stop staring at the phone like a cat watching the Budgie opening the cage door.

When I know,you will


glad to hear you are getting sorted woblyboy. Have fun with the new toy and try not to break it by running over any sleeping grizzly bears or unconscious alcoholics or other “yoofs”- ha!! Hope it arrives soon. xx

A watched phone…Good luck with it