Powerchair - ROMA Shoprider Vienna

Hi Folks!

Visited my mother (…accompanied by elder brother who drives and also helps me walk) in Cambridgeshire last weekend, and we had the opportunity to go into a nearby Mobility Superstore for a look around.

The lady in charge listened to what I was considering and pointed me the direction of a ROMA Shoprider Vienna. I tried an example out for size and found it quite comfortable. She watched me use the demo-model and once she was happy that it would be suitable for the intended use and I once I was happy, we went ahead and ordered one!

Just wondered if anyone has previous experience of this model and whether I need to be aware of anything?

Looking forward to collecting the chair (on our next visit to Mum’s) and actually using it at home - and no doubt learning the best way to tackle situations from a seated position, that I’ve always been able to do standing up!

(Worst thing is I’m now almost constantly hearing the song ‘Vienna’ by Ultravox and picturing Rigsby’s cat ‘Vienna’ from the TV series ‘Rising Damp’ )

Best wishes to all for a very good Easter



Hi Dom, I haven’t tried the powerchair but I have the ROMA Shoprider Paris mobility Scooter. Great scooter. I’ve had it over 6 years and only had a couple of minor problems which were easily fixed. It’s a good hardwearing scooter & easy to manoeuvre.

The battery is still good and holds its charge.

So although I don’t know about the powerchair I can certainly recommend the company.

Rigsby’s cat…lol…

Happy Easter,

Pat xx


Hello, Dom.

It looks a good chair. You’ve got me running Strauss waltzes through my head now.

Best wishes, Steve.


l have been looking at this chair on ebay. Brighter Future Charity sell them - £600 free delivery. And they put brand new batteries in at point of sale. lt does 4mph - and 20 miles a charge. Looks good.


I had a shoprider but it got to heavy for Heather to get in and out of the car. I have a lightweight one now. Had mine almost ten years, had to replace the batteries once got them off eBay forty quid. Was easy to replace them. I found it a really comfortable scooter, I did get a holder for my crutches which was really useful.

Good luck with it.



Hi folks …and many thanks for your valued feedback !!

At long last, collected this powerchair yesterday and my brother had no trouble breaking it down to 3 parts, and putting them in the boot of his car for transportation

Luckily at the moment I can walk/stand for a few hours in the morning, but by the afternoons/evenings I have no balance or leg-strength …so this is a huge help for me. I have poor enough control and strength in my right arm/hand to be unable to use a self-propelled wheelchair, so a I needed to aim for a powerchair.

Thanks again and I’m sorry to drone on about this again, but I’m quite excited to be able to start actually using it.

(By the way, since my original post I had a small flutter on the Grand National. I picked 2 horses, and the wheelchair steered me towards chosing a horse called “OneNightinVienna” …as many of you already know, it came nowhere !!