Shoprider Paris scooter problems

I’ve had a shoprider paris scooter for about 5 years and am now having problems with it. I can be tootling along quite happily and it suddenly goes extremely slowly.

It went to the menders on one occasion who said there was grease on the contacts and they needed to be kept clean. It was fine for a few months and then it slowed down again. I phoned the shop who suggested I cleaned the contacts as that was all it was last time and he didn’t want to charge me if that was all it was again.

However, today it went extremely slowly (I panicked that I was going to stop altogether) but I got home eventually. My hubby has checked the contacts again and there wasn’t any grease. He took it out for a test drive and it seemed to him that when he went over a bump the contacts sort of lost contact a bit. It would speed up again and then on the next bump it would slow again.

Do you think it’s time for a new scooter? Has anyone else had similar problems. I think Pat had a Paris and she had problems with it but I can’t remember what they were.


Sarah x

My shoprider went on for ever I sold it after ten years as am now in powered wheelchair. Mine never had any problems their than I fitted New batteries. Can you bend the connections to make sure they stay in place.


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Hi Sarah, good memory!!!

I had a Shoprider Paris for 6 years but over the last year it kept stopping suddenly for no reason that I could work out. It would start again if I turned it off and on again but it made me so nervous that it wouldn’t start again that I didn’t enjoy going out on it.

I had 2 lots of engineers look at it and they couldn’t find the problem.

In the end I decided to buy a new one and got another Paris for far less money than the first one! Loyds Chemist have a website called Better Life Care (or something like that) & sell them for under £700. (My first one was £1,300!). It is a little bit smaller than the original, no idea why, but actually I prefer the smaller size, seems more compact.

Also, I sold the old one on ebay for £200. I made it VERY clear that it had the problem of stopping suddenly and that engineers couldn’t find the problem, but ended up getting a few bids!

What I realised when i got the new one, is that I had lost a lot of confidence with the worry of it stopping! We are so dependent on them that I would advise anyone to get a new one if the problems are making you nervous.

Also, it says in user manual, that they have a life expectancy of about 5 years.

Hope this helps you Sarah, It’s a great scooter & I’m sorry they aren’t making them anymore, although that’s why the price has dropped so much.

Pat xx

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Thanks for your replies. Yesterday it was fine but I have lost confidence in it. I use it every day to take the dog out and she’s going to get very upset if we can’t go out!

We have someone coming to look at it next week who thinks it could be the speed controller but I don’t want to be throwing money at it if they’re not certain. My husband is about to be made redundant and we could do without having to buy a new one.

I went on the better life health care site and you must have got a bargain Pat! It’s now £1049 although I have found it for £799 somewhere else. You did well with ebay too!

I didn’t know they weren’t making them anymore. I remembered the user manual saying about the 5 years. I might fancy something with a bit more suspension as bumpy pavements do give a bumpy ride.

Sarah x

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Remember Sarah you can give up some of your mobility component of DLA (if you’re on high mobility) to lease a scooter through the motorbility scheme. I did look into it but it’s a lot to give up…I think £80 a month. Not worth it for me as I go weeks at a time of not using it, but being you use it every day you might think it’s worth it.

It does mean that any problem at all the either fix it or give you a new one, and I think they give you a new one every three years. Worth considering if you are getting high mobility DLA…or I assume equivalent of PIP.

Can’t believe they’ve gone up so much! Wonder why? Maybe I got old stock. My mum got one too so we both lucked out!

Pat xx

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