Possible ON?

Hi, not diagnosed yet. Long story!!
Essentially my brain MRIs were ‘in the normal range’ so I am getting a second opinion.

Anyway, I have developed some eye issues recently. I have been having occasional blurry vision for about 8 months. Optician I saw 6 weeks ago said I have 20/20 vision.

In the last week I have had a lot more eye floaters and flashes of light when I close my eyes for about 30 seconds afterwards. This isn’t the usual bright spots after looking at a light. It’s intermittent strobes and flashes.
Today I have noticed flickering in my peripheral vision of my left eye and the amount of floaters has increased a LOT. I can’t bear to look at anything striped because it jiggles around and makes me feel sick. Also, I can barely see in low light. Where before I could make out things in my room with a small amount of light, now I feel completely blind and I can’t make anything out.

My question is - those of you who have had Optic neuritis, did you have any eye symptoms leading up to the blindness? I’m worried about driving in case I go temporarily blind.

If you have flashes of light and new floaters you need to get them checked out at your local A&E. (The NHS advice says you can alternatively visit an emergency optician - but they will always tell you to go to A&E - so don’t waste time making an appointment with an optician!) In most cases it is just a bit of your vitreous gel detaching - part of aging, but in rare cases it could be the retina detaching - the latter usually also gives the sensation of a dark curtain over part of the eye - and that will need repair.

Here’s the link to the NHS advice:

I had it happen to first my right eye and then less than a week later to my left eye, last year. In my case it was just the gel and not the retina detaching. I still have the floaters and they cause a lot of blurring.

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Hi, I have the strobe lights and lightening flickering in my eyes around the peripheral starting up for no apparent reason. Blurred vision in the right eye with a shadow over objects at a distance. Watching football on the tv looks crowded with double amount of players! Visitited the opticians and paid for the in-depth Look at the back of the eyes (£10) and found out it was caused by cataracts and the strobe lighting is due to migraines, which I suffer from time to time. Made me feel so much better knowing I’m not losing my sight.
May be worth a try if you are a bit concerned going to the hospital, the opticians are very clean and make you feel comfortable and confident.

It’s a while ago now, but when I had Optic Neuritis I didn’t go ‘blind’. More a gradual loss of vision in one eye which ended up with very little vision ( but not blind). From what I remember it was a matter of a week - 10 days of gradual loss, including a loss of colour perception. My other eye was fine.

I was going to say that, but Ziola has done it already!