New Eye Symptoms -really worried

Hi Folks,

I am pretty desperate for any advice I can get from anyone out there. I’ve been getting a flare up of mild symptoms of numbness in legs, poor balance, increasingly poor mobility & fatigue recently & also have had a series of eye problems with my right eye before that. Last Saturday I was sitting inside my front door talking to a friend in the doorway when I noticed the top quarter of my right vision was cloudy & red. This was internal as there was nothing to see in my eye.

When I spoke to my GP I was referred to my eye clinic A & E the next day & have been told it probably was a retinal bleed. The biggest concern though was that my right optic nerve has deteriorated in the last year. I don’t have any active optic neuritis at the moment though. I’ve been referred back to my MS doctor when he comes back off leave.

When I collected my new spetacles the optician there told me that you can get bleeds like I’ve had with MS. Previously my eye symptoms haven’t been really severe. It’s mainly been balance, mobility, fatigue, tremors etc but this time it’s my eyes & I’m really frightened about this.

Can you please let me know about any eye problems you’ve had as I’m desperately worried about this.

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Susie Murray


I have had retinal vasculitis causing spots and floaters in my vision which is what led to my diagnosis 7 years ago. It has flared up twice as far as I can remember, both times were classed as MS relapses (hospitalized both times and put on IV Steroids). I also have a damaged left retina which was caused by a reaction to Avonex so I now have a fuzzy patch in the middle of the vision of my left eye. Unrelated to MS I had a detacthed retina repaired a few years ago. I used to have better than 20/20 vision but now need glasses to drive :frowning: I was very upset when it first happened but have learned to live with it now. Since changing my DMT to Azathioprine things have been much better (apart from progressing to SPMS that is :frowning: )

Hope This Helps

Have you been checked diabetes?

Hi Susie

Only advice i can give is if you experience any pain in your eyes get it checked asap as i did in Jan 2013 and the locum said i had conjunctivitis and gave me some drops i stated it couldnt be as the eye was dry and i got told shes the Dr i am the patient 5 days later i awoke to black i was blind in the left eye then rushed to a&e then upto eye dept in our County hospital and they said its too late for steroids we are now about to start Aug 2014 and with my left eye i can see diddly of anything smaller than a barn as longs as its 1 inch from my eye so im on an eye patch which i am now used to though it did take plenty of mugs being dropped from 5-6 inches from the table top and the wife was not best chuffed with me :slight_smile: but im back riding my motorcycles and typing and walking okay as long as no one approaches me from thee left i dont jump lol , i adapted pretty quick but still find driving a car very hard work but again any pain get straight in as i wish i had before the ON took hold , all the best