Poor pot plant

Hi folks

Got up as usual through the night to go to loo. I noticed in my sleepy state that my balance seemed to be worse than usual, so I was extra careful hanging on to furniture on my way to said loo. I was coming back into room when I closed to door on my foot it went into spasm and I lost balance and fell into the 10 year old plant in its pot. I sat there and giggled and giggled. I managed somehow to pull myself up and went back to bed.

In the morning my husband asked what on earth I had been up to as there was compost and leaves in the bed.

You will be amazed to learn that the plant is still intact despite my ample bum landing on it.

Just thought I would share.

Mags xx

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Love your humour, it’s the best way to deal with the daily/nightly problems

Jan x

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Hahahaha… good one Mags!

Pat xx

Great that you are okay, the plant too! And it is a very good thing that it was not a cactus! Some of mine are not very forgiving of even a misjudged brush with a hand…

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pleased that you and the plant are ok,i can just imagine you having the giggles.

J x

Read the title and wondered if you’d started self medicating with recreationals

very funny story, Mags. You have to laugh, or you’d cry, eh?

Oh Kev,

i have managed to live without the wacky baccy for 56 years but never say never.

Hope you are well. How’s the builders getting on?

mags xx

Nearly finished, Mags, but the flooring hasn’t arrived yet, so won’t be done until the new year. Still some snagging to do, mainly with the plumbing. I’ll put a link up to some pics soon.

Then we’ll have ‘phase 2’ getting the rooms straight, curtains, cupboards, shelving etc plus of course my home studio, yippee! Might be done by this time next year

Pot plants plot you history. (say that when intoxicated) Such good survivors, as we are.

Best wishes, Steve