poor balance excersise please

hi all my balance at the moment is terrible,i dont feel safe walking with stick,can anybody recomend excersises that will help my balance ty

l furniture walk around the house - and use a stick for going out. At a hospital visit to a orthopaedic surgeon [about dodgy knee/hip] he told me l was not safe using a stick and should use a ‘rollator’. My pride has always stopped me from using one - then my daughter borrowed one for me to try - and l was amazed how well l could wheel it around the kitchen - it kept me upright - no leaning over as with a stick - and when you let go of it - it does not clatter to the floor it stays put. But l still have not taken it outdoors - YET - but l am getting there. My daughter has said she would ‘pimp’ it for me - make it look more fun.


Hi Try yoga and “core exercises” Mike Ps pimp with Xmas lights, batt operated, go faster stripes -eBay I am having lights on crutches and a batt operated sounder ‘horn’ ha :slight_smile: