Do I need a stick

Hi everyone I’m new to this and hoping for some advice. So I’ve Ms a yr this week although diagnosis didn’t happen to Jan this yr. I’ve still no Ms drugs due to getting what they suspected was ovarian cancer earlier this yr. Got the tumour removed and all clear now. I’ve been advised family planning needs to happen asap due to being an ovary short therefore still no drugs. My balance has got really bad lately and my eyes seem to loose focus. I’m 33 and obv a stick would not a normal accessory for someone my age but if it helps me from falling about the place it would be useful. Any help much appreciated xx


a stick serves two purposes.

  1. it keeps you steady.

  2. it is a signal that you need to be given space to walk on the pavement.

it also means that you have started to accept your new life with your new body.

the first time i ventured out with my stick i was only going to the shop for bread but as i walked past the pub two burly brickies (who i know well) rushed out and hugged me.

i walked home smiling like a loon with tears pouring at the same time.

one of those happy sad memories.

you will be fine.

my stick is a folding one and can act like nunchucks which is handy when i feel furious with the world!

(i never use it in anger though)

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Getting about with a stick isn’t a sign that you’re losing anything. It’s an important aid to your stability.

There are unaccountable tripping hazards outside the home. It would be a pity if you fell over crossing the road (regardless of bricklayers lying in wait).

There are hundreds of attractive, feminine sticks these days. And, as Carole says, the folding type is very good, discreetly folding up when you’re not using it. Nunchucks, or karate sticks, won’t help at all.




I (foolishly) resisted getting a stick for too long. My walking improved dramatically once I got it though. I was more confident, my stride was lengthened and I was much more confident in my walking. The stick was also a great protector too for when I had the occasional bad step. Derek

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I started to use a stick to help my balance, now need one all the time. It is a signal for people to get out of the way and is a topic of conversation with fellow stick people!

You could get one through an OT but will be hospital issue. If you buy one just make sure you get one the right size for your height. The handle should be where your wrist joint is. All folding sticks are adjustable but bought mine online as I’m only 5’3’’ so had to get a shorter one. Lots of lovely designs to choose from.

Don’t forget you don’t pay VAT if you on equipment if you state you have MS.

If a stick would help you get about and give you more confidence walking then give one a try.


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