Balance exercises - help?

Morning all Can anyone advise? I have been suffering this current relapse since Oct, in the beginning the strength in my legs was the problem now that I’ve built up the strength my balance is a huge problem - I need to use a stick for support and can’t walk very far, I look drunk when I do walk! Anyway I went to see the Physio yesterday who is referring me to have some balance Physio soon, but in the mean time can anyone recommend some exercises I could do at home to try improve my balance? Thank you Liana

If your strength is OK then you could try some yoga or tai chi exercises for balance, if you google tai chi there are lots of sites and you-tube clips to help

Hi Liana,

Physio gave me balance exercises to do. Standing on one leg etc. I bought a balance cushion from the internet. (not expensive) Stand on it when in reach of something to grab. Think it helped. Use it under the table to do foot exercises too.

At least your in the system to get some help.

Jen x

Dear Liana, I hope things aren’t too bad and don’t forget that it is getting lighter by two minutes every day.I am probably going to get hit by thunderbolts thrown by every Fizzio there is,or at least get told to shut up by those that know things. stuff.

Why don’t you expend your energy by walking with the stick, or a three/four wheel roller somewhere safe.This will help your ‘stick co-ordination’,use muscle groups that don’t usually get used,exercise your legs and help develop balance for something that may be of more use than standing on one leg.

Just an idea,but if it is wrong then please continue with what you’re doing.

Good luck, Wb

Hi Linda, I do my balance exercises in pool as not a big deal if I topple, stand on each leg fixing eyes on a distant stationary object for 60 secs, shift my centre of balance with hip movement,shoulder and neck exercises to improve speech and posture, swim 10 lengths to improve core stability, touch alternative knee with opposite hand to improve coordination, calf stretches, exercises are yoga and physio based, can now walk 100 metres without stick, balance not great but improved, Exercises in pool 3-4 times a week for about 15 mins