Exercises for leg coordination?

Hi all, Does anyone have any suggestions for exercises I can do at home to improve coordination in my legs? I am having a funny attack (well, odd for me anyway)… The strength in my right leg is 100% but it just won’t ‘work right’ ie it won’t do what I want it to so my walking is all wonky. All my other attacks have affected my leg strength so I only know exercises to improve strength. Advice greatly appreciated! Jx

Hi Jdog,

Read your post I think that you should be letting your Ms nurse know (if you have one) or GP. It is important that you inform them to keep your medical records updated, and so they can help you get the right treatment you need.

I am seeing a Neuro physio at the moment and I am learning how to do exercises and massage to help reconnect my limbs and body with my brain. It is helping with my walking and sensation so don’t suffer in silence there is help out there just ask for it.

Good luck and hope you are feeling better soon.

Take care,


Tai chi is supposed to be the best for both coordination and balance. My partner was trying to get me just to do the walk where you sink into your hips and swap legs (a bit more to it than that but I can’t explain it) and I realised just how bad both my balance and coordination has become, even though I am slowly improving again and can now walk sort of ok. I’m sure you can get beginners DVDs. Otherwise I also do cycling on my back. That always shows me if I am having a relapse as my legs start going haywire and I find them very hard to control. I have to slow down and really concentrate to keep them parallel.


Pilates exercses should be able to help. You could either ask to be referred to see a physio that specialises in neurlogical conditions, or find a class at your nearest gym. Obviously seeing a physio would be better, as they can tailor stuff for you, but a lot of of the exercises will be based on Pilates one. But going to a class somewhere is the next best thing. My missus used to go to one & for most of the exercises the teacher would give easier or harder versions, so you could pick the right level for you. You could also try a DVD, or have a look on youtube for videos of exercises to try. If you go to physio or a class, it pays to do some of the exercises at home in the meantime, instead of waiting till the next time you go.

I have some exercises I do at home that the physio gave me, and my walking is always better after doing them.


Thanks everyone x