Exercise just been diagnosed with MS

Hey Everyone

Ive recently been diagnosed with MS :disappointed_relieved: My leg keeps feeling heavy. Is there any exercises that you could recommend for me to do please. Thank you Nicola

The best solution would be to get a physio to identify specific areas of muscle weakness and suggest an exercise programme, to help build strength. This will allow you to concentrate your effort on where it is needed.
Keeping your muscles as strong as possible really can help, although it’s not a quick fix.

Physiotherapy | MS Trust


Hi Nik
Depends on precise nature or cause of the heaviness as everyone’s MS is different.

For me, with a very stiff left leg and loss of motor control, getting on a static exercise bike was helpful. My stronger right leg did more of the work but forced the left leg to prescribe the same circular pattern as the right (obviously!). Surprising how quickly the left leg got used to the rotation and was able to join in to an extent. In fact both legs are seriously deconditioned through lack of exercise and the good thing about a bike is you are sitting down and not having to support your body weight to get the benefit of exercise.

I’m pretty immobile so the point was not to use the bike for a CV workout but just to force movement into the depleted joints. If you get a bike, one with pedal straps is essential, to keep the weaker leg in contact with the pedals. Because other CV activity is largely beyond me, 3 minutes does me in and serious pain and stiffness is to be expected in the following hours. Be careful not to overdo it as it can bring on a fatigue episode too. Recommendation is to do a little bit every day and importantly, get help climbing on & off the bike.

I’ve not tried it but perhaps a rowing machine could prove similarly useful and the 2 legs would be moving together rather than 180deg out of phase? Better still, try both!

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Merry Christmas!

I have been using my exercise bike and do a few miles a day on it. It helps me to exercise and releave any stress. Dont think I’d beable to get a rowing machine in my house.

It’s a weird feeling, mainly in my right leg. My right foot will feel like a dead weight and my leg then feeling heavy.

Have my lumbar puncture booked in now, will now see how active these lesions are.


Thank you. Im going to see if i can find one nearby.

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If you haven’t had a lumbar puncture before, the Barts Guide is worth reading, particularly the bit about which needle to ask for.
All the best with the physio.

Your Lumbar Puncture at The Royal London Hospital (clinicspeak.com)

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