Poking pain in the left side of my head

I’m on a room today! Second post of the morning lol

I have had a strange sensation in my head for the past 4 years or so. Sometimes it’s sharp and painful and sometimes it’s not so painful. The best way I can describe it is that it feels like someone is physically poking me in the side of my head, with their finger or a stick or something and its so powerful sometimes that my head actually jolts to the right like my head has been pushed that way.

Sometimes the sensation is sharp and painful, and sometimes it’s dull and achey. It’s happens mainly during the day but the other night I was in bed and just about to fall asleep and it happened so forcefully that it literally nearly knocked me out of bed! This concerned me a little to say the least!!

The pain / sensation is always in the same place. Left side of my head, above my ear.

Has anyone experienced this before? I’ve never mentioned it to my doctor but I see the neurologist for the first time on Monday so ill mention it to him (or her)

I told me dad about it last night and he was really concerned … He had a bleed on his brain in his thirties and he said the sensation sounds the same. He had a build up and then one night the pain and pushing sensation knocked him to his feet.

I’m sorry if I annoy you with all my questions! Xx

Hi Emma

I don’t know the answer but just wanted to as, don’t apologise for asking questions !! This forum is brill for getting advice and support from, so ask away !!


Never heard of that one before, sorry. Some sort of weird migraine?

I'll be very interested to hear what the neuro says, but if it gets bad before then maybe go to A&E, given what your dad said?

Karen x


Definately needs checking out Emma - especially with your dads problems!

I do however get neuropathic pains in my head sometimes.  They come and go.  If it is this then medication can help(pregabalin/gabapentin/amitriptyline)  I prefer not to take the meds as its not constant for me.

I have also had periods of time where i have had migrane also.  I don't know if these are MS related or not but sometimes i get lots over a few months and then nothing at all for ages.

The neuro will be able to help so make sure you ask him/her at your appointment.


Ill def ask Teresa. I don’t think I’ve ever had a migraine before. My partner has them and it really hits him hard. But I guess that they are different for everyone. Feel like I’m falling to pieces! Body wise :-/

Trigeminal Neuralgia? I know it can be more/ less severe at times. And different sensations for different people as we all have our own tolerance etc. Just a thought =)

Hi metalhead75 I’ve never heard of that. Dare I google it? Is this something different from MS?

Can be pretty common in MS folks =\ Nerve related, def google it. I have it, it sucks!!!

I get that feeling in my right side of my head I wondering what it could be from.

I had what sounds the same as you describe but the pain on head was more like a gunshot to side of head. They are called thunderclap headache. Mine came with TIA like symptoms after initial ones. MRIs didn’t show anything but did reveal low oxygen flow to left hemisphere from carotid so neuro thought I must have carotid artery block did work up for that - nothing. After 7 mris they finally decided to do an angiogram version -an MRA. That’s when she discovered beaded vessels off the carotid into left side of brain - sausage linked kinks in vessels. Was placed on Chanel blocker verapamil to dilate vessels. Diagnosed with RCVS. Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome. I have lasting migraine syndrome just about daily migraines and they wax and wane in intensity and come with stroke like symptoms when bad. Someywith no head pain just symptoms like a stroke. Primarily in left temple area into eye socket. Mine were classified as thunderclap but there is also ice pick headache that is similar. Maybe ask to be evaluated by a migraine specialist. I’ve been ruled out for MS probably 6-7 times over course of ten years. I do have multi autoimmune disease but also have an aunt with MS and three of her cousins have MS. I happened to see this post when looking up a weird symptom I’ve been having. This vibration sensatuim back of head as if a woodpecker was drilling on back of head - just another bizarre symptom for me probably. I get spasms in various areas of body and have neuropathy too.