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Hi everyone, hope you're all as well as you can be.  I have SPMS, I have a whole range of symptoms, the one I'm now talking about now I've had before on and off, but not as bad as it is now and just wondered if anyone else has had this.  So for the last couple of weeks I had this itching, sore feeling on my scalp, feels like something is walking over it, so I've been itching it, this I knew I had to stop, so I did, then the area turned into a sore feeling, sensitive, my husband checked my scalp, nothing there, but the feeling has continued, then yesterday along with the odd feeling came along the pain, it's only on my right side of the head, my right side is the worse side for the MS, sharp stabbing pains, that last only seconds, but keep coming and going, the odd thing is, when I lay my head on the pillow on the left side, it makes the pain so much worse, is this another MS symptom, if you've had it has your neuro/nurse said what it is, thanking you in advance.


Jean x

Hi Jean, sounds awful and Im wondering about TM..if its that as it does happen with MS. When I was brushing my hair this morning, I noticed the top of my scalp hurt.??? Bouds xx

Hi Bouds, Firstly thanks for replying, I had thought of this too and like you I first noticed it when sorting out my hair, maybe it is an MS thing, lets see if anyone else replies. Hope you’re ok Poll.

I’ve had that to a much lesser extent at times and just assumed it was part of MS. Never asked for a medical opinion, though.

Thanks Norasmom, Yes I was thinking it’s to do with MS, I’m thinking nerve pain, or as Poll said TM, thakfully it feels a lot better this morning, scalp still sensitive, but no shooting pains.

Hi Jean, sorry but I made a typo and put M instead of N…trimegial neuralgia

Hi, sorry but I made a typo with an M instead of an N! Yeh, I`m ok thanks. Seeing my extra special neuro in Liverpool on 10th March for follow up and full discussion of his diagnosis and findings. He did so many tests and has kept me informed as to all their results, by letter. What a man! Been quite an interesting exercise!

Hi Poll, no worries I knew what you meant, I too thought it could be this, thankfully it’s settled down. So you’re seeing someone in Liverpool, I knew about this hospital as I know someone from Liverpool who’s niece has MS, she herself has Parkingsons and says it fantastic, so good luck to you there, you’ve waited enough years.

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Hi I have had a terrible week started last Saturday itching initially (which too be honest I took no notice of )then came the most awful stabbing head pains followed by massive head ache it on and off all week(not experienced it before).I even went to see MS nurse(which I haven’t done before outside of pre-planned apts) who felt it was nerve pain.Today its finally easing off although i feel brain area is still sore.This week was my annual leave week typical!.Blimey even looking forward to having my Ocrevus in March in the hope it quietens my symptoms which have all felt worse this week. I thought I was in control of my MS anxiety but this week started fretting again thinking worst.I am so thankful for this site and dont feel so on my own.

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Hi Kerste, Thank you for your reply, sorry you’ve experienced the same, but at least I feel like I’m not on my own, I thought it could be nerve pain, or TN, thankfully mine has eased off, but that area of my scalp/head still feels weird. almost like it’s waiting in the winds to start again. Sad for you that these things happen when you should be enjoying yourself, my advice for all the good it will do is… please don’t look to what might happen, don’t thing about the future, I’ve been very lucky to hardly ever do this, I take each day as it comes, good luck love and chin up.

Thanks Greenhouse your so right take each day at a time…and today its not as bad as yesterday

Pruritus (itching) is a very common issue with multiple sclerosis patients. It can affect anywhere. Scalp seems to be favorite. I have scratched my head raw before now. It comes in waves for me. I will have it for a period then it goes. arms legs (scratched to bleed especially when i am asleep).

I am not on any DMD for MS to trigger this i know some people get it through their meds.

The scalp is the worse for me. I have had sharp pains in head too and try to do something to distract myself. MS sucks but at least it wasnt lice lol.

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Ah crazy chick you made me LOL, no thank goodness no lice here. Yes it’s not nice, I also get it in other places, but thankfully haven’t drawn blood, have a good day.

Hi, I notice when watching tv during the evening, I get minor itches, but lots of them on my face, head, nose…had a 2 day itch on my hand and I keep checking its not a spider! It isnt! Bouds x

Before MS diagnosis I spent so much time stressing that I must have got lice allergy from ourdog lulu or our little old pony Muzzi (who can now stopped being washed so often),I changed bed linen so often,washed clothes,changed household products ,took so many histamine tablets,had my husband checking my hair etc. At least I now know what it is related to, since being on Ocrevus My skin has been even more susceptible to dryness and itching .Thank heavens for E45 lotions and potions.

Can’t believe the response to this, it seems we all have itching 1 way or another, I seriously thought it was just me, I gt it all over and it seems you do too, at least we know we’re not on our own, chin up everyone. x x

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an itch in time saves 9 or oops I dropped a stich lol…

OMG this is identical to what I am experiencing today. I see several others here have similar. At least I know now that it’s just another weird MS symptom!
I was going to try taking an extra dose of my nerve pain medication. But maybe I’d better phone MS nurse first.
Thank you fellow MSrs.
New style forum here is good!

I have pain in my left side of my head, I was worried something else was going on in my head :roll_eyes: so it’s reassuring to hear that this is quite common in MS. I had a recent appointment with my neurologist and I forgot to mention this. I really need to start writing things in my diary. It’s a weird feeling, not too painful that I need to take painkillers but does seem worse when I’m lying in bed.