numb skull

new symptom Ive git a numb skull its starts at the back of my head, hearings a bit iffy face is numd an dt ingly [ if that makes sense]

Hi ya

It makes perfect sense to me. I get numb patches on my head and then a tingly/pins & needles kind of feeling directly afterwards which works it's way down my neck and sometimes my back/spine. It's sporadic and intermittent. I get random numbness etc in different areas. I used to get a lot of pins & needles in my legs but thankfully I don't get it so often there now, although I do have other issues with my leggies scared2

Something worth mentioning to your neuro/nurse when you next see them me thinks.

Debbie xx 

its such a strange symptom my jaw and eye ache with it

You should probably see your GP - just in case it's something non-neurological.

I hope it clears up soon.

Karen x

I get numb patches on my head too. Don't know why though. I had a mri of brain just this week so if its anything sinister I am sure it will show up on there. Maybe its part of MS? I am still undiagnosed am going to mention it to neuro next week. Sorry not much help.

Hello all x I regularly get a strange feeling like cold water running UP my head on the left! (the side my eye is going nuts). I then get a really painful patch that I can't bear to touch - as though someone has pulled my hair really bad (I know this feeling because a bully in school once pulled half my hair out!). This lasts a day - or two sometimes - then disappears & reappears! Then the patch goes numb for a day or two! Very odd feeling! xxx


Hi I get this too, the first time it happened I asked my friend to see if she could see anything, it felt like I had banged it but couldn’t remember doing so. Five years down the line I still get it at times it can be very painful, another symptom to put up with. Hope this helps Karen x