Pleeeease dont be the start of another relapse!!

Ive had a headache all day, and the right side of my neck into ,my head and behind ear has felt painful and achey strange… and ive just noticed the bottom right side of my jaw and a tiny piece of neck is a numb patch!! So hope this isnt the start of another relapse!! Its making me feel bad.


As I understand it if symptoms last for longer than 24 hours it could be a relapse, I am so sorry to hear this is happening to you, let’s just pray it’s just today and won’t last any longer. If it should may I suggest you contact your ms nurse or gp.

Hoping you feel better tomorrow.



It sounds like it could also be a migraine. I get almost identical pain and numbness during my migraines.


I used to get migraines long time ago. But it doesnt feel anywhere near bad enough to be that… unless this is just the start!

Got to call MS nurse tomorrow anyway so will see what she says!

How are you feeling today?

Have you started your infusions,and if so hows it going?

Hope today is a better day.



Hope you are feeling better, I have just started a relapse…numbness down my right side…legs, arms and head and I have neuralgia pains in head and no balance! I have had it for 5days so far. I went to Docs last Thursday and I have to go for another MRI. I know how you are feeling plus where I work get funny over me being off.

Some people just don’t understand just what it’s like that’s why it is great to have this site. :slight_smile:

Take great care.

Jacquie x


No not started infusions yet. Still waiting.

Today the numbness is a little of my neck, a medium patch of my jaw and the bottom of my ear. My ear still aches and i get occasional jabs in my ear like a hot poker. I had TN when I was 19 (possibly my first ever attack?) and had carbemazepine for it because the pain was constant and severe… Im scared this could be the beginnings of it happening again… just much milder at the moment and intermittent. Went to the Dr just to rule out ear infection and he says ears look fine. MS nurse is gonna speak to neuro and call me back tomorrow with the decision as to wether Im to have steroids. However I finally got my gabapentin today from doc, so will be starting that this evening, be interesting to see if it helps!

Hiya…the gp gave me Gabapentin when I had another relapse April and it seemed to do the trick,cant comment on the weight gain as it has gone up and up anyway since not being at work,but it does mean the copaxone doesnt hurt!!

Fingers crossed that today is better and that your littleun is ok…no babies to munch in my life so very jealous.

Take care


Lol baby is great… as for me im still get hot pokers jabbed in ma ear and my jaw and ear are numb! But have started my gabapentin so hoping that kicks in within a week or so. Spoke to MS nurse and because Im waiting for mri they dont wanna give me steroids yet so they can see the inflammation as it is… but MRI has been made urgent so hopefully should hear something soon!