Neuralgia again?? Help Pls

When I was 19 like waayyyy before MS was in the picture I had Trigeminal Neuralgia - the pain was constant and severe, and i had carbemazepine.

Now... post MS...  I think Im having a relapse and I have numbness in my jaw, ear and neck (right side only) and an achey jaw with ear ache and bouts of stabbing pains in my ear.  And my jaw has just started itching a lot too!

Could this be TN again but just not as bad as before?  it hurts a lot!  but the stabbing pains do ease up at times, but because it hurt SOOO much more last time I dont know if its the same thing or not!

Any thoughts?

Oh and I went to the doc to get my ears checked in case of ear infection and my ears are fine.  MS nurse is aware but due to certain things Im having to wait it out for a short while if i am able to.

. Hi Hun. I personally can relate tales that could link this to MS. It seems to attack your weakness, this being yours. But it plays with you, is it, or isnt it? Get checked out, Il be sure its MS. My kidneys my undoing! By God the MS likes playing with them!!! Tracey xx

TN seems to be like MS in that it is different things to different people. I have had it a number of years and the pain/sensations have changed during that time. 10 to 1 if you are experiencing pain in your face/neck/ear it will be TN.

As to TN being MS related – damn straight it is. Not all people who get TN have MS but you can be sure that a huge % will.

I don’t want to pry into the “certain things” that mean that you are “waiting it out” but it would take something really important to keep me from my drugs. TN is not something that you should have to live with – get to your GP and get some Tegretol ASAP.


I had TN. I never very rarely take drugs, but when i had it last i begged for drugs lol. The pain was terrible. Diazepam worked for me as it relaxed the muscles in my jaw. 

I have had it a bit since but cant be my teeth as they have all gone now lol.


Like Wendels said TN and MS go hand in hand. But a lot of people get it who dont have MS.


Ive already started gabapentin for the feelings in my legs so am hoping that will do the trick.  Having to wait it out on steroids because Im due an MRI befre I start tysabri and neuro wants to see the inflammation, which steroids will help eliminate.  

TN is horrendous - l suffered with it for years - had lots of test done by ENT specialists - nobody seemed to connect it to MS at the time - But then you are lucky to find anyone who knows much about it. My TN stopped after l had been taking LDN for about 6months. Could be a coincedence - but l am not going to stop taking it just to find out.