PIP Telephone assessment done.

It was OK. I liked her. Am I hopeful? Well now it goes to the DWP so not really but I told the truth so let’s see what happens now.

Well it’s done now. You might find yourself going back over the questions. Try if you can to put to one side, my brain ran overtime for a couple of days.

My assessor sounded friendly but not reading anything into that until the report comes back. I think I read too many negative stories beforehand, not the best thing to do.

Did she say when you would hear back?

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Within eight weeks. To be honest I amused myself - she asked what my hobbies were and I said spreadsheets! :woman_facepalming:t2:

Eight weeks must be a standard time frame, I was told the same.

Hobbies, no energy to have any but I have plenty of time on my hands… it’s called staying in bed …

Spreadsheets, what did she say to that?

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Well she then suggested other things that I might like to do. I don’t know if she was testing me but she asked if I liked going out for walks. We’d just spent ages talking about the difficulty I have in walking even as far as the bus stop!

A subtle trip you up question Hahaha. To be honest I’d have resorted to sarcasm. Yes I love going for walks but I take one step, fall flat on my face and remember I can’t!
I love the spreadsheet answer I may steal it at some point.
Sam x

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Yes it is to trip you up.
It is all part of the plan.
No doubt many have tripped up.

What are your hobbies…

Oh I go hiking and fishing on the weekends…whoops.