PIP telephone assessment

Well a little update. I have received a letter from Capita today, it states that the assessment will be carried out over the phone.

Has anybody gone through the ‘over the phone assessment’ process recently?

To be honest I was expecting face to face, thinking that COVID would no longer have any impact.

Any tips and or advice welcome.

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Glad to hear it’s moving along! :+1:

I found the experience a bit unrewarding. It really was just a re-hash of the form-filling done previously. Mine was phone-based on 21 July 2021 and the letter notifying of the award was 7 Aug - so pretty quick.

If like me, you’re nervous, you may be tempted to rush things. Don’t! I suspect they are viewing on a screen the form you submitted. Obviously, you should have a copy of your form to hand in preparation. They will want to ask their questions in order and jumping around won’t help them.

However, if you have referenced other supporting documents in your form (as we discussed), make sure they go and look at them and pause to give them time to check. I suspect (i.e. it occurred to me afterwards) they would have to call up those attachments separately, so make sure they do actually read the extracts at the appropriate time.

Good luck :crossed_fingers: When is it?

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Just reading the letter makes me feel nervous. Not sure how I feel about the telephone assessment, your expression that you found ‘the experience unrewarding’ is a good phrase. I am second guessing the process and feeling that that is how a telephone assessment will feel.

On the upside, having been through a face to face assessment, at least with the telephone assessment I won’t be assessed on how I look or what I can and can’t do.

I sent in loads of supporting evidence, which I would like to think has prompted the telephone assessment, but who knows such things can be so Russian roulette.

The turn around has been pretty quick, 15th July deadline for sending PIP forms back, with an assessment set for Friday, 26th August.

It does seem as though they are trying to make an assessment with one arm tied behind their back, by doing it in an audio-only phone call. In view of what’s at stake - for the individual and also the tax-payers - it seems a bit shoddy. A video call would have been more revealing.

For anyone waiting for a telephone assessment.

So I have had my telephone assessment today. Nearly 2 hours of questioning, nothing new or odd, didn’t feel like she was trying to catch me out.

Interestingly, I thought that she would go through each question in order. No all a bit random and jumbled. I could hear her typing away.

I did lose my way a bit, even with notes in front of me. I couldn’t reference anything, word blindness.

The lady was nice, didn’t give anything away. Said it would be 8 weeks before I heard anything. I was told that if the DWP queried anything she put in her report she would ring me back.

How do I feel, numb :laughing:. Seriously, just got to wait and see, no point trying to read between the lines.

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Well done!

As you say, it’s done now and it sounds like with all that prep, you’ve acquitted yourself well. You were ready: imagine how tough a 2-hour grilling would have been if your answers weren’t off pat… Chances are your lady was pleasant because you made it easy for her and she appreciated the effort you had put in.

Put ya feet up, luv and 'ave a rest! :hugs:

I too received the same letter (well addressed to me obvs).

Hi Gail.
They certainly wanted me to take the call. After the letter I had 1 letter confirmation and 4 text reminders all in 1 week. Ironically they were late.

Does the fact you have received a letter means your awaiting your telephone assessment?

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I had a good crack, well with some great tips from yourself.

Ps… Feet, they are up and staying that way for the rest of the day…. :+1:

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@Rogue thank you for sharing your experience. Mine is on Wednesday 7th September. My husband said “tell the truth and shame the devil” I don’t think I will be shaming any devils or PIP assessors but I’m glad I know it takes two hours. I shall plan a lie down afterwards :zzz:

I thought I read it took about an hour. So. I was surprised it took so long, that said I wasn’t made to rush. Don’t over think how long it will take or not take, just go with the flow.

Yes, just be honest and say it as it is. They are looking for consistency across what you have written in the PIP questions and in the telephone assessment.

Now that I have had time to reflect. Without realising it at the time there were some questions that linked back to earlier ones. I’m pretty sure my answers joined up, well I will soon find out when I get the outcome.

Let me know how you get on.

For now my feet are up and I am being waited on hand and foot :relaxed:

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Did the assessor make reference to any of the supporting material you supplied with your form? Was it obvious that they had it / had read it?

She didn’t say initially that she had but it was obvious from what she asked me. In fact she sought greater clarification on areas that I played down, for example right knee requiring surgery… I mentioned it briefly and sent in the letters/reports as it does affect my walking. Similarly, with anything to do with eating/swallowing and adaptations what why, how and when. The use of my hands or lack of was discussed at great length, no doubt in my mind she had read all my evidence. In fact, I got a little confused over a date, and she told me.

When asked at the end if I had any questions, I asked her if she had read through all my evidence…… it was clear she had but I wanted to hear her confirm so, which she did.

She did say that she would write a report based on what she had read and the telephone assessment.

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Received a text message from DWP today. The assessor has already written the report… I should get a decision ‘within 8 weeks’.

Despite trying to put the telephone assessment to one side. I mulled over what I said, well the bits I could remember :joy:.

Do I feel optimistic, no not really. So many horror stories out of there. Just going to wait and see and then go from there.

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The sooner that decision comes - either way - the better. It’s the not knowing which does our heads in. That text is encouraging and the suggestion of 8 weeks is probably standard text and is in reality much closer. Don’t know how lead times have changed since mine but mine was only a couple of weeks.
Fingers crossed D

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Well, caught a little of guard today, I received an email from DWP saying that I have been awarded PIP, decision letter to follow explaining the award.

Without the report, not much else to say at this point, other than if you are applying for PIP stating the impact is key, that is what I focused on.

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Fantastic news! :+1: Compiling the application response is the real hard graft but it proves that those who are deemed to have demonstrated enough are getting through. It’s not a closed shop but must be galling for those who don’t get approved. Not nice the way it’s all or nothing.

Well done! If you would like to message me with the detail when it comes through, we could compare notes and maybe see trends and help others.

Graeme :smiley:

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Thank you, it will be interesting to read the report and to draw some conclusions re the evidence submitted, the impact on my daily life and points awarded.

I am sure there must be so many that are deserving of an award but yet fall short because of not being able to express impact or don’t have piles of evidence to submit.

If I/we could share, identify some trends that may help others get their applications approved that would be a great achievement.


Hi all
I had my PIP assessment over the phone , initially said it would be 90 min assessment
I answered everything asked of me and had my notes open in front of me
To reflect on what I had responded to within the written assessment
Assessor was nice and pleasant with me during the call
Then it was over - she said she had all the information and stated she had tried to contact my MS nurse but she was on annual leave .
At the end she said that was better than a long face to face assessment
I’ve gone back to my call log and the whole thing was 11 minutes
Compared to you guys I don’t think that’s long - was there enough in the written information and evidence ???

Got a text from DWP next morning to say received the report and would hear within 8 weeks an outcome

So part of me is thinking 11 minutes
Didn’t speak to my MS nurse
Ohh any opinions on this

I’ll update if I hear any outcome


Hi Shelly
Don’t overthink it! Easier said than done, I know. If you were happy with your written statement, then the interview is just for corroboration. And more like 8 days rhan8 weeks for the decision.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: