PIP telephone assessment

Hi, Shelly it is done and dusted for now, try not to over think the process, you will drive yourself mad.
Wait for the decision to come through which may be days rather than weeks, in my case only 3 weeks and go from there. My report went across really quickly as well, so again don’t read much into that.
Let us know how you get on.

Hi guys
We’ll update is DWP sent me a text at 08:03 this morning to advise PIP awarded and letter will be with me within next two weeks

So two weeks from the report going in just as you said more likely two weeks that 8 weeks


Yay! Result!
Worth the effort, wasn’t it! :clap: :clap:

So I have had what they call my first relapse ( that I am aware of ) due to the symptoms experienced , can I ask how long before you felt ready to return to work ?
I have gone from having an abundance of energy to very little at all , I don’t do the everyday jobs in the house as each job now takes so much longer to complete or takes so much of my energy
I’m struggling to see how my little pot of energy will see me through a day at work and life at home

And a very selfish part of me thinks I do not want to go to work use it all there and then have nothing for home life and my family

It feels at the moment like a trade of one for the other

Have you ever felt this way ?


Sorry, Shelly, that’s a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. Only you know your own body and nature of your work. Reasonable to ask work for a return to work plan, light duties etc. A session with Occupational Health will help them assess your capabilities.

While PIP is not intended as an income replacement, it may provide some compensation for reduced hours if the assessment (and you) concludes that a degree of part-time is appropriate.

Hey thanks for that
No wasn’t thinking PIP would be instead of a monthly wage as even at top rate wouldn’t even come close

I was more asking if anyone felt with MS that it’s a trade off
To have one thing something has to give - which I’m sure will have to happen due to energy levels
It’s so hard to get used to
I worked full time ( nursing) kept house , did everything in the house and a lot of binge sessions in the garden every spring , summer and then a tidy up for winter months , also have a 3 year old spring spaniel and always spent time walking him ,
I think I’m just having a negative few days where I think how can I go from all that to this
People used to say to me slow down and now I am slow,

Have a great Sunday guys

Morning Shelly, it might be worth opening a separate thread to this one as the title is this thread maybe effect responses.

Repost and I will come back with a reply.

Happy Sunday

Just received letter for phone call assessment ref PIP claim… Never done anything like this before worked all my life over 46 years until diagnosed PPMS in June. Have lost my job as HGV Driver and feeling lost atm. Symptoms in leg getting worse making walking very hard… Worried about this phone call. Any help advice?

In my case, the phone call was just a rehash of everything written on the application. Make sure you have to hand a copy of your application form and all the supporting attachments you sent through as your assessor will have these too. Strengthens your case if you can answer their questions using a reference to Doc X paragraph Y - it makes it easier for them to write their report.

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