Pip assessment inperson

Hello all. So I have been skeptic about applying for anything. I finally went for the blue badge and after a physical was awarded a blue badge. So now am applying for pip. I was wondering what the chances were of going to an assessment for that was or are they all done on the phone now? Thank you. Also I wondered if anyone had ever been awarded and not actually had a phone call or in person assessment but just done off the forms. Thank you.

Hi Sophie,

I was the same but my MS nurse persuaded me to apply for PIP. The 4 phone calls have been incredibly frustrating & tiresome, with the same questions asked repeatedly, and the person who rang constantly got information I’d just given incorrect. And I’m still waiting to hear if I’m being awarded it or not.
I think they are mainly phone assessments, and if there are any further questions they speak with doctors, MS Nurses & consultants. They don’t seem to bother so much with in person anything since covid.

Wish you the very best of luck with it. Make sure you have a bottle of water, some food and a blanket as they are looooonggg assessments.

Take care & let us know how you get on.

AT x

Thank you. Love the advice of blanket food and a drink
I assume they send you an apt time that if you can’t make it you can change it?

I never applied until this January, when I became unemployed. My ESA and PIP came through in March. I submitted my medical letters online (pip) and via mail (esa) prior to having two telephone assessments. I found it a relatively straightforward process: reading other applicants’ posts, I suppose I was very fortunate. Good luck.

Hi Sophie
Yes you can move the appointment if its inconvenient. Make sure you have a good couple of hours free though…
Best of luck
AT x