PIP Online System

Hi has anyone applied for PIP using the new online system.
I did it yesterday and wondered if it was any quicker than using the paper form.
It was certainly a lot easier to do and I have received a text this morning from the assessment centre to say they have received my form and are processing it.
When I applied last time using the paper form it took ages and then I got refused.
Do they also use the evidence you supplied last time or is it totally a fresh start.

I completed the online paperwork back in Oct22 making sure I printed off all the paperwork.

Nov22 I then received received a telephone call from as assessor on behalf of DWP/PIP which lasted 30min max, lady said they would send their report, the same week I had a telephone app with my neurologist who mentioned they’d been contacted by DWP/PIP and was I happy for them to answer DPW/PIP Q’s? I obviously said yes and I aslo received a text saying my assessment report had been received and it could take 12wks. With regards to the assessment phone call I expectd a much longer conversation and more challenging specific Q’s so much so that I thought it didnt go very well and i would be turned down but then my partner said that I received my dx in 2000 and 2022 was my 1st time applying ~ but who knows?

16th Dec22 when online banking I noticed a deposit with NI No as a reference; I called DWP no where it was confirmed that I had received a PIP payment at the enhanced rate and the paymet was backdated to Oct22; told letter sent but royal mail challenges meant letter not received until Jan23.

When I completed the online info I did all my info in bullet points and did my best to not ‘waffle on’. The other info I attached was: neuro letters, dates of recent appointments past / upcoming appointments with neurologist, ms nurse, physiotherapy.

I hope your wait time for your assessment isn’t too long and the turnaround time following the assessment again isn’t too long and the outcome more positive this time (fingers crossed)
Take care

Hi Vke
Thanks for letting me know. I was flatly refused last time I applied so I am hoping for better things this time. I hope I get assessed with someone who knows about MS because the nurse who assessed me last time hadn’t got a clue and wrote down a lot of thing’s incorrectly making it out I could do more than I actually can.
I can only live in hope.


Hi Muffin,
Apologies for not replying to your last message before now; I’d recived an email update and then I forgot to reply on the forum once again apologies.
I dont know if you printed off the online info yu completed if so have it set out on the dining table on the day of your telephone assessment so that its ready so assist you staying on point; remember its your assessment about your challenges living with your MS and just take the assessment at your pace and if you feel that the person the other end on the phone is saying things that differ to what you’ve said then in a calm polite manner reiterate what you’ve said and politely ask them to amend/correct what they’ve said but fingers crossed you have someone who you feel has listened and understood what you’ve said and remember to cover the issues of the things you can’t do and find challenging rather than identifying things you can do/not so challenging.
Take care

Hi Vicky
Thanks for your reply.
Last time I had a telephone assessment the nurse was lovely and didn’t rush me. But she was not familiar with MS and did admit to this.
I have printed out what I have written on the form and hopefully I will get someone this time who understands MS.
Also because I talked normally on the phone and didn’t struggle to answer any questions this went against me.
Fingers crossed everything goes ok this time.
Gillian x