Pip time scales


Can anyone give me a rough time scale of how long it takes from sending in your pip application and being called for an assessment? Ive been waiting 9 weeks so far and can’t face phoning to chase it up incase its bad news. I know it’s probably different in different parts of the country but just looking for an estimate.


HI, I understand you not wanting to ring up and ask how your application is going

Dont think I would, although I wouldnt be able to stop worrying about it.

Time scales vary from one area to another and one person to another.

Are you transferring from DA?

Not been called yet meself…will be at some point.

Good luck hun.


Mine took about 6 months to be seen for a assesment I live near southampton but I belive things have sped up a bit, and then another 6weeks before a decision and then appeals and tribunal about a year in total .

Give them a ring it won’t hurt just to get some idea for your own peace of mind.

Good luck with it and lots of advice on here when you need it .


Poll, im not switching from dla, I applied last year for pip and was awarded it for two years, but i have to be re-assesed after one year…the logic in that baffles me!

Thanks Katy, i will bite the bullet and call but wasn’t sire if I’m being super impatient!

Yeh as if our disabilities will just up and fly away! If only!


Hi i filled out my form and heard within 2 months,i recieved my assesment date 2 weeks before xmas and had the assesment on the 2nd of jan, my dla runs out at the end of feb so i know i’ll be hearing soon all this churns my stomach everytime i think about it. Not wanting to phone them im with you on that but why are we made to feel like this do they not understand the stress worry and anxiety they put us all under! sorry x rant over, all the best x

My OH called them recently to find out the answer to this question and the guy said its 16 weeks. Still a long time. I don’t know if different around the country.