Pip question

Hi all,

Has anyone lost their PIP award after being reviewed ?

I’m not due a review until 2020 but I’m already stressing about it.

You would think that those who have degenerative conditions wouldn’t have to worry…but with PIP…who knows.


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Hi June

Try not to get stressed about it. You have at least a year to go. I’m sure some people do lose their awards upon review and have to go down the reconsideration and often appeal route to have their benefit reinstated. (Sorry I’ve not had a review as yet.)

In the intervening time, make sure you keep any/all copy letters sent to you by any medical professionals. You could also (if you don’t already) start keeping a health diary, just so you have information to refer back to.

Also, try to keep abreast of the rules about PIP. Check that you understand the various Activities and Descriptors, so that when your time comes, you don’t suddenly have a massive learning curve.

I know it’s easier to say ‘don’t get stressed’ than it is to do it, but being worried isn’t going to do your health any good at all. We all panic about PIP and ESA and any other benefit we each have to claim for. But really, as you say, people with degenerative conditions shouldn’t have to worry, but that doesn’t stop us!!


Thank you … I know all the worrying is bad for me and is making my life miserable, but it’s so hard to switch off.

What exactly is a health diary ?

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Bothers been new legislation past just very recently, any new claim that gets awarded the higher rate on the two components with a degenerative disease such as ms will automatically be given a ten year entitlement with a light touch at the end this is also to include any present claims, please google it and look for your self I’m surprised it’s not already been on here


I use an app that’s on my iPad and phone. But you can just as easily use a written diary, or just notes. I would just say, use some format that you can divide up into different types of symptom. So for eg, relapses (if you have them), bowel or bladder issues (then if you have any occasions of incontinence you can say how often and even give dates).

Just whatever way seems reasonable to you that means you can explain exactly how your MS affects you.


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You need to have been given a 10 year award for this to apply though. And many people who perhaps should have been given a 10 year award haven’t. It’s the DWP!!!


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When swithching from dla to pip i lost mobility componant. Went to tribunual and won. Judge gave me 10 year award and i only get middle care and high mobility that was 2015. Since then I have gotten a lot worse and also had another cpl of diagnosises, but never informed dwp, as dont want to go through full process again.

Oh no you mus’nt spend a year worrying about PIP. A lot of things can happen in a year.

Like sue said, gather everything together. Make sure your OT know your issues. If you havent had an assessment by the adult social care team, then i suggest you ring them. You can apply for direct payments to help you get someone to help in the house. This assessment goes a long way to helping you get your PIP as its proof that someone has seen you and has assessed your needs.

I think now its much easier to go through the process. Everyone I know who has applied NON of them with MS have been awarded PIP.

So really i cant see why you should have a problem.

Keep in the loop with doctor and MS nurse too.

BUT really you will be a basket case in a year worrying over this. even if didnt get it, you can appeal and most people win that, but i am sure you wont have any issues at all.

Now just enjoy your life, ring your adult social care line, and get assessed and have some help.


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No it’s not just if you have been given a ten year award, it is for new claimants and for claims that have have already been given the higher amount they are also included. I know this because I doubted this when I first read it and I was getting in a state over it, as you can imagine having a dx of bi polar also. By con read it and re read it and agreed I would copy and paste it for you but I got know how to.

Thank you,

None of the people you know with MS have been awarded pip ?

My OT arranged my stairlift, wet room, wheelchair and commode.

Adult social care arranged my perching stool, trolley and grab rails.

My partner looks after me. …He’s definitely a keeper :slight_smile:

I have a really supportive GP and physio who will help with letters and I keep everything related to my MS in case I need it.

I know I shouldn’t worry so much, my GP has said the same and wants me to have counselling because of it.

I wouldn’t mind these assessments so much if they were always fair and honest but good grief, the lies they tell sometimes :frowning:

Thank you again, it does help coming on here :slight_smile:


Honestly, I think you’ll be OK. Don’t get in a panic at this early stage. Hopefully when you do have to reapply, you’ll get a 10 year award and without a one to one assessment. It is possible.

I went from DLA (maximum ‘lifetime’ award - what a joke!) to maximum PIP for 10 years with no personal assessment. And plenty of other people with MS have experienced the same.



Sue, I have deff read that statement about existing claims on both the higher rate being included in the legislation, I know I haven’t dreamt it but I just can’t find it now I’ve been looking nearly all day on and off. My drum tutor happens to work for uc and he also read the statement and confirmed it to me. Or the only other a plantation is I have a new symptom of " WISHING I WAS LUCKY"

well I hope I am right for the sake of everyone who needs it…

You mean Government to end unnecessary PIP reviews for people with most severe health conditions - GOV.UK ?

No cocka that wasn’t the one I found its really bugging me because I know I read it and I’m sure the date on the statement was early Jan but I saw something last year about it possibly October/ December time it actually said it would include claimants who were already receiving the higher rate for both

Well it’s in here: PIP assessment guide part 1: the assessment process - GOV.UK

Its the DWP Assessment Guide for PIP. See part 1.10 Award Review Dates


Thanks Sue,

Emailed the link to myself to put in my MS folder.

My 1st review will be in 2020 , I got Higher rate mobility in 2017 and standard living, I’m constantly gathering evidence. Got a mobility scooter for school so took a photo of it and the length of corridor I have to scoot down.

June, try not to worry but do start collecting evidence as you go along. Keep popping into the forum as lots of advice.


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Sue, Sue Sue i found it but don’t know how to get the link on here with an iPad but Google " disabled support package" and scroll down to the pip part, this is what I read in December but I have read some this month confirming it

Arrrrrggghhh. All I got was £40 million personalised support package for long-term unemployed disabled people launched - GOV.UK

And I don’t think that covers what you’re talking about!!!


It’s that last but one paragraph previously it was only for new claims but now it will include any current claims

Oh right, yes, I get it. Phew. That counts me in. Thanks for that. Woohoo.