Pip mandatory reconsideration (again!)

Hi all,

I have submitted my MR for PIP for care only and not mobility as I agree I don’t qualify (I know they look at both parts afresh but I have stated I agree with them that I don’t qualify for mobility). Just looking for some experiences of people with PIP MR’s. I am in full time employment and can drive but the exhaustion I suffer makes it difficult to get anything else done. And I can’t grip things for any length of time without having pain in my hands. Anyway just looking to see if individuals who work FT have been awarded PiP?


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I am office based and get PIP - as it is based on you care needs on your worse days - thankfully my job is not manual anymore or i couldn’t cope - my MR included loads of evidence from MS nurses and neurologist as well - and i went from a nil award to low rate care and enhanced mobility due to the nature of MS…good luck

Hi, I have been on middle rate care and higher rate mobility since my DLA started. I have MS, Fibromyalgia, high blood preasure, rappid heart beet, anxiety, cognitive issues. My PIP was awarded standard care so no change but mobiliy rate has now dropped to standard. I did a MR and it came back the same. I am not able to drive far myself because of the fatuge etc, only go to doctors, parents and I need to go to a post office 3 times aweek as I have made myself a small online business. I have today been to see citizens advice and are planning a appeal, if I was on my own there is no way I could do any of this (thank you sister) its just too much. This has now been going on for 6 months and its really taking its toll on my health and my business. But to top it all off I have just rang the car dealership where my car is from to arrange for them to take it back and have been told that they do not pick it up?? I have to take it back to them, ERR HELLO how I’m I supposed to get back home??, I just had to say sorry and put the phone down as I got upset. I just cannot belive all this shite they are putting us through. I live in a rural village and am isolated with out transport. Feel in need of a very stiff drink, LOL.

Ladygone gaga - appeal appeal appeal and all the best - fingers crossed for you


How upsetting for you.

I still work part time but don’t know for how much longer I can keep going.

I filled in the form stating all the things I need to use to live my life and why. Even took photos of my hand and some accessories. I live on my own so no one to help me.

Weak left arm, leg etc.

From perching stool, rubber handled knives due to poor grip, bath step, rubber mat, long handled brush, travel hairdryer lighter to hold, kindle with back strap as I can’t hold a book. Reusable coffee mug as can’t lift coffee cups etc etc.

You need to be able to do things safely and repeatedly.

Just go round your house and go online and see where points are awarded and if you qualify for the points.

Good luck with the appeal.