PIP assessment


I have just received my appointment for PIP assessment. They want me to go to another town for the appointment. I’m not sure why this is due to there being an assessment centre in my home town. Has anyone else experienced this problem.

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If it is too far for you to travel, then ring and ask if you can go to your nearest centre. Can’t see why it would be a problem. It is probably a matter of waiting lists.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes, yeh?


It’s about 30 miles away, which isn’t too bad. Don’t want to change appointment because it’s taken 3 months to get this far. I’m going to have to take the wheelchair as I don’t know how far away the car parks are. I just get very anxious when I have to go somewhere I’m not familiar with.


Hi Shelley

I don’t want to add to your anxieties and I don’t know your personal circumstances but have you put on the form that you have problems with travel etc.

They could use the fact that you manage to travel the 30 miles against you. This is not just my thoughts but from websites I read.

Good luck


If there is a centre where you live tell them there centre is too far away and that you can’t get there, they have a habit of sending people further then they need to go, or better still see if you can get a home assessment maybe ask gp to write a letter?

Don’t attend 30 miles away that is just stupid of them to ask, mine was in same town so I am sure you can get one closer hun.

Good Luck x


I have changed the appointment to my home town. It’s only a couple of weeks later, so really pleased.

thank you everyone for your advise x