PIP Assessment help

I’ve just received my PIP assessment letter. The centre is far from me. I have to be there for 9am. To get there I will need to get through heavy rush hour traffic so I know already the journey will be a nightmare. I could leave really early and just wait there but will be exhausted. Is this usual? Can I ask for a nearer venue? We have to contact them anyway as I need an interpreter. For the first time in ages my anxiety levels are rising!

Yes give them a ring and ask to change venues or time explaining why and perhaps they might change it to a home visit , as you have to ring them anyway.

Good luck with it all . Katy

Thank you for the advice Katy. My daughter rang them and I’ve got a change of venue and an interpreter so that’s positive. Initial panic over! Now I can just worry about the assessment itself!

Glad you could change the appointment. Good luck hun!